January 13th, 2007

A Rare Saturday Night Off...

That was interesting :D One of our cats just walked into my room here, looked around the bottom of the bed for a good place to try to jump from to the top bunk, then jumped, managed to grab onto the mattress, and clawed the rest of the way up :p Then another cat comes running out from under the bed looking all scared and worried. Fun.

So yeah. I have tonight off. Good thing considering how last night went though. Walked in at 9, and Earl told me to go back and wash dishes, so I did. Except for a couple times where I had to go up and help Steve on line, I stayed back there and washed them. Then about quarter after 11, I walked up to front cash, because Sarah and Alicia were standing there (two people that used to work with us). They said something about how they'd come in because they didn't want to hold up the drive through line, then asked why the doors to the dining room were still open. Checked the time, ran out to lock those, and then went back to find Earl, to see who was closing the dining room. As it turned out, I did. Did the entire thing by myself, then went back in to the back, to find that the whole time I'd been out there, the dishes hadn't even been touched. So I finished washing them, then told Mark, who was back there doing counts, that I was done washing dishes for the night.

Like, the night on a whole wasn't bad, but we were really disorganized, and Earl didn't have people in good places. By that I mean that I would've held down line by myself, while Steve washed dishes and did dining room and all that, and only called him to help when I really needed it. Having Josh on would've made things so much better, but obviously that didn't happen.

So no. I don't like closing with Earl. I don't like closing with Steve. I'm still undecided on Mark, and for the most part, John is doing pretty good.

Anyways, for now, I'm gonna submit this, then run downstairs to see if the van's still here, because I really want to go to Dairy Queen :3