January 21st, 2007

She Would like That...

*sigh* Just got woken up by Mom, because Shelia was on the phone. Wanted me to come in from 4 to 9, because otherwise they only would have two people working. I told her that wouldn't work, because then it'd leave only two people closing. Then she kept badgering me about "Do you want me to tell her yes or no? She's still on the phone!"

I said it before, and I'll say it again. Screw you Shelia. She can and will find someone else to come in.

So anyways, yeah... just woke up :p I need to get out of bed soon, so I can throw my uniform in the wash, but for right now, this is comfortable.

Work tonight's probably gonna suck, because there won't be anything done (if they're looking for people to come in, it's obvious they're understaffed), I could very well end up getting stuck on drive through, and I know Shelia's going to be after me when I go in.

At very least, I should be getting up now though, so... might as well.