January 29th, 2007

Not Much time Left

Bleh. Work in 7 minutes. It's me, Mark, and Jessica to close tonight, so if things are going as I have a feeling they will, I'll be on line, Jessica will be on drive through, I'll be on line, and Mark'll be on front cash, or wherever else. Then again, Jerome's there 'till 11 tonight, so he could very well end up getting put on front cash again. They need to tell us how to turn down the temperature for the dining room after it's closed though. Last night, I was helping Jerome with ice, and even while standing on line, I could still feel the heat coming in from the dining room. It's far too hot out there.

Oh, and as for recent goings-on, there are some things I could say right now, but I think I'm going to wait 'till I get home from work, then go at everything at once.

Off to work we go~