February 5th, 2007

Fancy That

Now this is even more interesting than when "SteamedDozer" started talking to me the other night. Got John's MSN address at work tonight, and I added him, of course. First thing he says?

[01:45] Zaz - I can't help but to hear an exchanging of words..: You are into Furries! XD

wOOt. I suppose it makes sense though. Got a ride home from him, and on the way, we got to talking about things on the internet and such, and he asked me if I was into any fandoms. Said something about "Anime? Furries? Videogames?" Didn't have the nerve to tell him yes then, but it's obvious how things turned out :p The only anime I've ever watched from beginning to end was Dragon Drive (don't look at me like that~), it's obvious that I'm into furries, and the big box of games on my top bunk here says enough about whether I'm into videogames or not.

What's more, I did a Google search on his email address, and the sole result linked to this page.

So yeah. Work tonight. We weren't busy at all, probably because of how cold it is outside, and all the snow. We even got to close 15 minutes early :D It took us 'till 12:50 to get out of there, but whatever. I also found out Glenda's going to be closing on Thursdays again, which is good to know. I like working with her. She's easy to get along with, and if there's work to be done, she does it.

I close with Glenda and Manoah tomorrow night, so I'm going to say right now I'll be on drive through, and Manoah will be on line. Things could always turn out differently, but I doubt it.

The one frustrating thing tonight was all the food in the thermalizers. At the end of the night, I carried over, from those alone, 15 pounds (3 bags) of beef, four bags of nacho cheese, two chickens, two steaks, and one spicy chicken. What's even better, when I first started tonight, I set about getting stuff rotated in the walk-in, because the order comes Tuesday morning. Near the front of it, there was a big metal pan, and I was curious as to what was in it, so I took the lid off, and what would I find? The nacho cheese I carried over last night. Also, in the thermalizers, there were two bags of this brown stuff that we couldn't identify, but eventually, I realized what they were. The bean I carried over last night *sigh* Shelia opened this morning though, so the only one to blame is her.

So anyways, I don't know what to do right now. I'm contemplating heading to Heart and Stroke in the morning, but then again, when I left on Friday, Michele only said it'd be fine for me to come in on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. Meh. Screw going today. It's already 5:30 in the morning, and I'm not tired enough to go to sleep yet. Might as well just sleep 'till 3 or so, then call EB Games to see if they have Rogue Galaxy or Touch Detective in yet. I'm still trudging through Justice for All, and I haven't touched Hotel Dusk since a couple days ago, so I should probably finish those first, but...

Heh. That didn't take very long. I'm getting tired now :p Might as well finish this off here.
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So Close (again)

Tonight's going to be interesting. We started selling Taquitos today, yes? They're not extremely expensive, and they only have chicken or steak and cheese, so practically anyone will eat them. I just hope we don't sell too many of the things. Well, either that, or maybe it'll start snowing again. It's already cold enough outside, so as long as snow starts falling as well, nobody will want to leave their houses. Well, so I'm assuming :p

So as I said earlier in the morning, woke up at 3 this afternoon. Promptly had to call Taco Bell to let them know I wouldn't be in 'till 8:30 tonight. Then I called EB Games to make sure they had a copy of Rogue Galaxy available, then we just had to wait 'till Dad was ready to go to work. Then we went up to EB Games, and while we were there, I once again asked if they'd had any luck getting Wiis in. Today, they sold their last one around 2. I'm so sad ;_;

Seriously though, I figure they seem to get them in on Monday, so next Monday, I'll just ask to head up there sometime in the morning (around noon, probably), and if they don't have any, wait 'till next week, and so forth. February 25th's rapidly approaching, and I'll be damned if I don't have one by then :s

Feh. I want to put some new music on my PSP for when we close at work tonight, but my card reader's downstairs, and the one built into my laptop doesn't work. I don't want to get up :p

... and here's yet another song I don't know the name of. Here's the lyrics though:

I was lonely, and I needed you next to me
Let's take it back to the way it used to be
In my dreams I'm with you, make my fantasy come true
I still believe I could be here with you
Still believe... (x?)
Still believe I could be here with you

It's almost 8 though, so it's about time I got ready for work.
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