February 6th, 2007

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Heh. This cat's awfully affectionate this morning. She's sitting right on my chest so I can't so much as even see the screen :s And I swear she just reached for the power button :p And all you can hear is purring. Always with the purring.

So yeah. Had to just call Michele to tell her I wouldn't be in 'till 1:30, seeing as Mom just had to go to Curves early, so I'll probably be there 'till 4 or 5, then I have to work at 9. It's me, Ange, and Glenda to close tonight, so I have no clue what I'll be on, but I'm not really worried about it, because tomorrow, I have a day off. Only one day, but it's better than nothing, I suppose.

Last night wasn't really bad either. It just seemed ridiculously busy at first, but I ended up glancing over at the time on the till after what seemed like a half hour, to find that it was already 10 :x I didn't get stuck on drive through at all, but I came quite close. See, Glenda was on it at first, then her and Manoah started taking turns with the cars, and eventually, around 10:30, he asked me if I'd mind taking the headset from Glenda so she could get her paperwork done. Next thing I knew though, I was out mopping the dining room, and by the time I'd finished that, it was almost 12 anyways.

There was also quite a bit of anti-Mark sentiment going around as well, mostly from Manoah, but it's really not something I feel like writing in here. Of course, he also started bothering me about "Crystal" as well (he's got to be the only one who still does), and it got to the point where I told him "I'm not going to say anything here, but if you have MSN or something, give me your name, and I'll tell you when we get home." Then when we dropped him off, he didn't say anything about it, so neither did I. Lord knows I don't want to have to keep lying to people, but of all the people to tell, he is... how to say... the least trustworthy :\

Mom's back now though, so I'm going to Heart and Stroke :p

Oh Yeah...

Forgot this earlier. Stupidest thing at EB Games yesterday:

Adam points up to a PSP media manager thing on the shelf behind the counter, and asks "What's what?"

Employee: "Oh, that's the thing you have to have to put music or movies or whatever on your PSP."
Me: "Have to have?"
*employee gives me the dirtiest look*
Employee: "Yes"
Me: "So they'd like you to think, heh."
*another dirty look - i thought he was going to tell me to leave :x*
Adam: "Well..."
Me: "No Adam, seriously. I already put a bunch of music on your PSP, without any special program or anything."
Adam: "I guess..."

Yeah. Next thing you know they'll be advertising it as retail version of HEN for 3.10 :p

So yeah. Writing this from Heart and Stroke. Only me and Penny here right now, but I really should be getting back to work :s