February 18th, 2007

A Rare Fun Shift

Especially amazing, seeing as I started at 7 :s

Around 1 in the morning, things were dead, and nobody really wanted to do any work. Just for reference, me, Steph, John, and Jerome were working. First of all, there's a big pile of snow at the back of the parking lot, by the cardboard dumpster. John and Jerome decided they were going to try to use pieces of cardboard to sled down it :D Unfortunately, before they had a chance to, a couple cars came, but John still went down it, but lost his cardboard about halfway down :p Then at the end of the night, John took a box out, went to the top of the hill, jumped in, then attempted to edge his way down by hopping. He fell over backwards, right into the fence :3

And when we went back inside when those couple cars came, we started throwing potatoes at each other :x Jerome hit me in the neck three times. Yeah.

The only bad thing was right before bar rush started. Me and John were down in drive through, reading the various things written on the hot and mild sauce packets, when he says something about "Y'know what? Taco Bell's 'Think outside the bun' would make a great anti-gay slogan" :\

I am sort of angry that I had to start at 7, seeing as they weren't busy, and had plenty of people even then, but whatever. I got paid for a 10 hour shift, so I can't complain :p

I dunno. There's more I could write, but it's 7 in the morning right now, so I really should be getting to sleep :3
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