February 20th, 2007

Once Again...

Yeah. I'm at Josh's house right now. I'm not exactly sure how this happened either.

I never got a call at 2, so I ended up sleeping straight through 'till 4, at which point Mom came into my room to tell me Josh was downstairs. At first my thoughts were "Piss off", because I thought he had come to tell me I was needed at work, but then I realized that didn't really make sense, as I was supposed to be getting a call about that.

So I threw on some pants and a shirt, and walked down the stairs to find him sitting in the dining room, watching Adam play something on his 360. Went into the kitchen to tell Mom I wanted to head up to EB Games, then from out in the dining room, I heard Josh ask what game I was picking up, then Adam said something about "Oh yeah. He got a Wii." So I told him "Trauma Center", then asked if he wanted to come along, but he said no, so we left.

Only got Trauma Center, because they didn't have Diddy Kong Racing in yet, but one (more) game is good enough :s Took it home, and had enough time to do the first operation before Adam made a comment about wanting to see Josh try bowling. So I put that game in, and we took turns playing bowling, golf, and whatnot else.

Then I eventually managed to get back to Trauma Center, and had enough time to get up to about the 5th operation before Josh decided that it was time to go. At first I was thinking "What? Who said I'm going anywhere!?", but I couldn't very well say "No" in front of Adam and Naomi as well, so I packed up my laptop, and off we went.

When we first stopped at his house, his Mom asked if she could have a word with me, so I started wondering what I'd done, but went upstairs anyways, to see what she wanted. Nothing bad, really. They're going to Mexico in June or July or some other month in the summer, and they would like someone to stop by the house a couple times a day to check on the dogs. Feed them, clean up any "messes", take them out in the backyard so they can run around, etc.. She asked if I'd be interested in doing that. I said "Why not". I'll be paid, have full access to the house if I want something to eat or whatever, and as an added bonus, the house will (hopefully) be cleaned up as well, including this disaster area in which I have to sleep tonight. He did bring down a new mattress cover though :3

Anyways, from there I ran down to the store to pick up some pop and other snacks. Came back, and promptly found out that I bought the wrong kind :s So I had to go back to the store again, but was able to exchange them for the right ones, so that worked out in the end.

And now, I'm going to try to get to sleep. Josh wants to be up and out the door by 8 to go to Zellers to pick up some "Crackdown" game for his 360, and he wants me to buy another Wiimote, so yeah. 5 hours of sleep on a day off sucks, but it's better than nothing...
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