February 21st, 2007

Now that was Fun

Work sucked though. We were fairly busy, I started 20 minutes late (I thought I started at 9, when I actually started at 8), and I was also pretty tired, seeing as I've been up since 8 yesterday morning :s

'bout 11:30 though, John came through the drive through with some of his friends, and asked me if I needed a ride home. Told him "Sure" so he said he'd be back at 1. I was sort of worried around 12:30, because we had everything pretty much done, and I didn't want to have to wait outside for that long. However, I got to wiping down mini and whatnot, and by the time I had all that finished, John had arrived, so I went outside, waited for Glenda to set the alarm, then we all crowded into the back seat, and went to drop her and Ange off. From there, we went to Blenheim :p

Some friend of John's from BC (I think) had come down, and he had to get dropped off or something. I didn't bother to ask many questions :p The ride there was weird though. He and John got to talking about hentai games (of all subjects :s), then John said something about how he found a really nice one, but couldn't remember the name. Then it came to him: High Tail Hall :x I was tempted to say something about "Yeah, and there's a "Twilight Cavern" one, or something like that as well", but settled on having said "Yeah. I know what you're talking about" :p

Feh. It's happening again. I really want to go to bed, but I know that if I do, I'll never finish writing this, and I want to finish it before I go to sleep.

So anyways, we went back to Chatham after that, and on the way in, John got to asking me about the London furmeet. Just simple things like when it was, and where, etc. I told him as far as I knew, it was every Monday, from ~6 'till 12 or so, but that I didn't know specifically where it was at. I know we took the turnoff we always did when we went to London for hospital appointments or whatever, took a left, turned on a road that was flanked by what looked like a big empty field, then we went (relatively) straight for a long while, with a couple turns mixed in :s He said he's interested in going to it as well, and that I could come along with him so yay :3 Lord knows we've still got to set a date, but it makes me happy to know that one way or another, I'm going be able to "attend" another one of those.

So if you're reading this squnq, what was the address and apartment number for the building? I know it was on the 7th floor (I want to say "704" for some reason), but I don't know the address, and that's the most important part. And while I'm at it, for the second time, what was the name of the CD we were listening to? I could swear part of it played while Josh was playing Crackdown earlier this morning, but I can't remember the song name for the life of me :s

Getting back on topic though, we finally got to the house here, and he came in for a bit, because he wanted to see / try Trauma Center. So I let him do that, then we both played a couple rounds of bowling and golf on Wii Sports, then he left for home, because it was 3 in the morning :3

And as of right now, I've just finished washing the dishes, and I'm seriously contemplating going to bed, because I've been up for 21 hours straight now, with less than ~5 hours of sleep, so lord knows I'm rambling, but am too oblivious to the fact to do anything about it :s

Have to be at work for 9 tomorrow, but other than that I have the rest of the day to myself. Michele said I don't have to be in at all for the rest of the week, because she doesn't have anything for me to do. At most, I might be heading in there one day, to give one of the other volunteers (I'm assuming) a tutorial on doing the P2P receipting. Can't complain.

Anyways, it's long past bed time. Wonderful, glorious bedtime~ I'M NOT GOING TO FREEZE MY FEET OFF EITHER, BECAUSE MY BLANKETS ACTUALLY COVER MY WHOLE BODY <- all caps reference to the main annoyance of trying to sleep at Josh's house last night.

Off we go~

Oh, and one other weird thing at work tonight: a couple guys came in, and one just ordered a chicken taquito combo. As I handed it to him, something just caught my eye, and then there was just this overwhelming "I swear I know you from somewhere, but I can't remember where" feeling. Well, maybe not quite that. More like "I haven't met you before, but you still seem oddly familiar. Strange. NOW I'm off to pack up my laptop and everything else scattered about the living room, and I'm going to bed :3
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