February 25th, 2007

Nothing to Do

I'm waiting for Adam to go upstairs so I can watch a random movie in peace. Watched Meet the Parents before I went to bed last night, and I'm downloading Meet the Fockers right now, but I doubt it'll be done in time.

Not entirely sick anymore either, although I'm still *ahem* rather backed up down below, and my shoulder really hurts, but otherwise it's not as bad as it was yesterday. Went to bed around 7 with the intent to wake up at 3 or 4 to go to Zellers, but apparently they were already closed, so I guess I'll head out there tomorrow. There and also hopefully to EB Games to pick up Guitar Hero II. Part of me really wants to get that game, while there's another part that still says "Think about how stupid you'll look playing it", and I also keep telling myself that I really should at least get back into Twilight Princess :s Those USBCell batteries still haven't shown up though (most likely because I put the wrong thing in the "County" field), but if they still haven't by the end of next week, I'm probably gonna buy this, or some other sort of rechargeable batteries.

Work last night was fun, and sucky at the same time. It was fun because given that I wasn't feeling well, and was extremely tired, I didn't give a second thought to half the stuff that came out of my mouth. Mostly it was just yelling down to Josh and the people in drive through to "GET OUT" and "LEAVE US ALONE AND GO HOME", but I also started getting rather impatient with Steve at a couple different points of the night, and I'm sure he could tell just by the tone of my voice. The sucky part of it was just how busy we were, although except for bar rush and a smaller rush around quarter after 1, it wasn't too bad.

... I can't make up my mind. I have the night off, as I said before, and usually on a night off I go to 7-11 or otherwise get something special, but tonight, I'm still not feeling the greatest. Feh. I probably will, if only to get one of those Rockstar Juiced things (those are gooood), and a bag of chips or something. I JUST WISH ADAM WOULD GO TO BED. He just went outside because there's two fire trucks (apparently) over by Zavitz Chiropractic, and I can hear "Don't Download this Song" playing on the computer in the dining room, even though his headphones are plugged in :x I can tell he's got it open in Goldwave because it's playing more slowly than it normally does.

Heh. It still works :s I just went to slam my hand down on the arm of this chair to get Adam's attention, and I hit the external hard drive instead :p

And before I end up actually damaging something, I might as well head off to 7-11~
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