March 6th, 2007

Today Started Out Well Enough

Up until getting here. I'm at Josh's house right now. Here's the main things that went on though:

Got out of bed at 1:20, which was surprising, because I had my DS alarm set for 1, but I must not've heard it :s Went downstairs, did some stuff on the computer, then went back up to my room again to do some things on my laptop. Then I heard Mom coming out of her room, so I asked her if we'd be able to run by the bank. She said "Yes", but that she had to pick Naomi up for school first, so I just went and sat back down in my room.

She got back about 2:30, and we went to the bank. It would've saved me an extra trip if I'd known I would've needed the name of the person I'm sending the money order to :3 Went back home though, and wrote that down, and left the bank with a money order for $60 USD in my back pocket. Then went to Heart and Stroke, because I told Michele I'd be in today, and I also wanted to grab an envelope and stamp. No though.

I got there, and the first thing she had me start doing was moving piles of receipts from her office, into where the photo copier used to be (it's in the kitchen now for some reason :p). Had just enough time to do that, and Julie finished what she was doing, so I grabbed an envelope and we sat down at one of the computers so I could make sure she was doing things right. For the most part, she does, although she does get confused with some of the different windows :x

While she was doing that though, I grabbed a blank piece of paper, folded the money order up in it, and wrote the following on it: "Here's your money :p And as for the extra $4, thanks :3" including the ":p" and ":3". Yes I know I have no life~

Stuck that in the envelope, sealed it up, and addressed it, just in time to have Adam walk in the door to say that they'd come to pick me up. Asked Michele if there were any US stamps left, and she said no, but when I got out to the van, Mom said she had to stop by Shoppers anyways, so I figured I'd grab one there.

Went to EB Games first though, where Adam picked up one of the Wario Ware games (a GBA one, if it makes a difference), plus two points cards for his 360. Then we went to Shoppers, where I paid for a single stamp with a loonie, and got an entire penny back, and we were off. Stopped by Taco Bell for supper, and then we finally went home.

Can't remember what I did after that, but finally, a couple minutes after 10, Mom came downstairs saying it was time to go. Got here, and Josh mentioned something troubling:

"You'll probably find out tomorrow, but... you won't be working with Glenda anymore"

He wouldn't say why specifically (only that he couldn't go into details (why say anything then?)), but just that she no longer works at Taco Bell. I'm more inclined to believe she quit on her own, because she's said several things in the past about not liking that place, but there's also a chance she got fired :\ So I dunno. I'm contemplating emailing Ange to find out what Glenda's MSN is, and seeing if she'll tell me anything directly, but otherwise, I'm pissed.

Not only did we lose someone who was fun to work with, that was also a manager, but just as we're getting into spring? No. Hell no. I could care less about it meaning we can't bag line or whatever early anymore. After looking at it again, bagging it early or not bagging it at all saves an equal amount of time. It's just... it's getting to the point where we'll start getting really busy again, because summer's coming. Do they have a manager ready to replace Glenda? Probably not. We need all the help we can get, so I don't see why...

Feh. I should get this packed up and try to get this bed cleaned off a bit. Dad said something about being here at 11 or so to pick me up, and even though I'm undoubtedly going to be going back to bed for a bit when I get home, 5 hours of sleep is not good :s
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Thoughts About Last Night

10 minutes to go, and I'm just sitting here playing Solitaire, when I got to thinking about spending last night at Josh's house. There really isn't any point to it. I go there, I watch him play some game(s), I do stuff on my laptop or PSP, and he goes upstairs to bed, while I clean up the bed I'm on and go to sleep. It's just like... why? If he just wants to hang out or whatever, I'll gladly talk to him on MSN or go over to his house on a day off, but there's no point in actually sleeping there for the night. I might be able to tolerate it if that room was cleaned up and he actually made an effort to ensure that we did things together, but right now... no.

Like, I want to get on MSN or send him an email just to tell him "This has to stop", but I can't think of any way to do so without coming across as rude :\ I really could care less about him not wanting to come over here right now. It's nice to have someone over here from time to time, but he's made it clear that it's not going to happen unless we get a faster internet connection, so yeah. If I could work up the nerve to ask John "Wanna do something on such and such a night?", I would, but therein lies the problem.

Time to leave for work though. I hope Mark's closing tonight, because I really don't want to have to work with Earl. I will if necessary, but I'd rather not~
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