March 8th, 2007

That's Just Great

Long, drawn out explanation of what exactly is just great...

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Aside from that though, work. Was actually pretty fun tonight. John said two interesting things as well. First off, he asked if we're ever going to get a chance to hang out. Told him that I really didn't know, with the stupid way they're scheduling us (we work on the days the other has off), but he said something about "But still", so I dunno. I'd like to just tell him that we'll do something on such and such a day, and have something to look forward to that way, but still it seems like things are working against us no matter what we do :\

He also said something about Seth coming down on the 27th or 28th or some date along those lines, so that'll be nice. Haven't seen him in ages, and it'll be especially cool, seeing as we *ahem* have something more in common now ^^;

Anyways, volunteering wasn't too bad either, although the new layout of the offices is really confusing. From the front door, there's Michele, and empty office, Janice's computer in the area where the photocopier used to be, Kathryn and Heather's office, the kitchen, and then just the spare computer at the back. I don't know why they switched things around, but it's weird :s

Anyways, I think it's about time I head to bed. I'm really hoping to wake up whenever tomorrow afternoon, go downstairs, and see something or other about my tail <3 Not guaranteeing that it will happen tomorrow, but there's always a chance...
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Maybe Not

Nothing whatsoever in terms of my order. For the past couple days though, it's been the same as when I was still really eager to get a Wii. Just "I'll probably get it tomorrow I've just got to be patient~", so I know eventually things will go back to normal, but I want that tail now ;_;

Perhaps my mood should be something more along the lines of "impatient", given that :s

I suppose it is good in a sense as well though, because questions WILL be asked. But in this case, there really is nothing to stop me from just saying "I bought it with my own money, so just... piss off".

So yeah. Grocery shopping in a bit, then work at 8. Have the next two days off, and I marked them as such on the schedule, but I told John last night that if they were really busy either of those nights, and needed someone to come in and wash dishes or whatever, I would, but once that stuff was done, I was leaving, so we'll see. And John also said as well that Josh really isn't fun to work with, because he doesn't have fun anymore, so it's nice to see I'm not the only one.

Time to go~
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