March 14th, 2007

Shorter than I Expected

So yes. Beat Geneforge 4, and just started playing Avernum 4 again. Party consisting of two nephils and two sliths :3 Lord knows I'll just overuse "leetbuffz" (a code) this time through, so having balanced characters shouldn't matter. I am considering going through Geneforge 4 again though, just to try siding only with the rebels or Shapers, and not using any canisters along the way. The best ending I got so far was by setting the power flow or whatever it is to high in the final area, then releasing the Unbound, but there's always a chance there's better ones. And of course there's a chance you have no idea what I'm talking about, in which case you should go to Spiderweb Software, and try one for yourself :p

But yeah. Went to 7-11, as planned, and it still is ridiculously nice outside. On the way back though, just walking onto the lawn, a car pulled by, and the people inside it started screaming :s Then they pulled away, and I walked into the house thinking "WTF?" It almost looked like the Ange's car, but then again, I only ever got a ride home from her once, and I can't picture her doing something like that, so I dunno :p

So right now, I'm sitting here writing this, watching stuff on the computer, and trying to decide just when I want to get up and do the dishes. Then again, all the other nights I've had to do them, it's been at 4 or 5 in the morning, so I suppose I can wait. It is delightfully frustrating though. Last week when I did them, I broke that WD external hard drive. This week, I broke my OneTouch Mini. What next?

On that topic, I figure tomorrow I can go to Heart and Stroke, and just bring along my card reader and PSP memory stick to have music to listen to, finish up there at 4, run by the house to grab the hard drive, then head to Staples to see about exchanging it. Don't have to be at work 'till 9 (at least according to the schedule), so I'll have plenty of time. Amazingly enough as well, I checked next week's schedule last night, and what I wrote for Saturday is still there. Feh... last night actually went amazingly well, considering.

Started at 8:30, and one of the first things Mark said to me was that I would be on drive through, and Steve would be on line for the night, but at the time, only him, Jerome, and Manoah were working, and they were both done at 9, while Steve wasn't scheduled to start 'till 10:30. So for the first part of the night, I was on line by myself, and Mark was still down in drive through, for some reason. Then finally, around 9:30, Steve was called in, so once he arrived, he took over line, and I put a headset on. After that though, and a slightly busy 11:00 rush, we were dead. I rotated everything in the walk in, did the torts, then tidied that all up as much as possible, and also cleaned the tables in the middle, the thermalizers, helped deck scrub, did all the dishes, and also did one final sweep at the end of the night, to clean up the little bits of who knows what that were on the floor. To make things even better, we were out of there by 2:30 as well. Of course, it was a Monday night, so...

But anyways, one more thing, then I'm off to wash dishes because I'm not doing anything useful out here~

I'm stumped. Josh suggested amoeba when I showed him that picture, but that didn't work, whereupon I tried all the underlined words on Wikipedia's page for amoeba, as well as some others that came to mind, but I still don't know the answer (I do see the two links, but I'd rather figure it out myself). And if you've never tried that before, go here to get an idea of what you have to do. Good luck :3

(and yes, the words in the quicksearch box are from the song I have set under "Music" for this entry. I was trying to find the name of it :s)

Well isn't that kind of them. A box just popped up in the lower corner of the screen, telling m the computer will restart in 4 minutes, in order to install some updates it's downloaded. This time, however, there's a little dropdown box with the options being "10 minutes", "1 hour", and "4 hours". There's also a "Postpone" button. Much nicer than just saying "The computer has to restart please save all unused work and whatever else you may happen to be doing." Random fact, and now I'm off to do dishes :3
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One of Those Days

Woke up at 12, to get ready to go to Heart and Stroke, but I was still exhausted, so I sat down in my chair, and quickly got to thinking about just going back to sleep. After all, I'd only had less than 5 hours. I ended up doing so, so sooner or later (preferably later, after 5, to be exact), I need to email Michele to tell her what happened, and that I will be in tomorrow, and if not then, definitely on Friday.

I just don't know what it is though. What it's like outside, for one thing, I suppose. First time in a while I've been too warm in bed, but feh. If that problem persists, I'll just go with what I did last year: bring my blankets and fan downstairs, and spread out the couch cushions in the living room and sleep on them :3 It's much better than being upstairs all night long, and has the added advantage of being in the same room as my Wii and PS2 are, so if I get bored and can't fall asleep, I can play a game or watch a movie~

It's just... I really (really) hope this isn't a sign of things to come. The past two summers were hell, so it'd be nice to get a bit of a break this year.

But anyways, went to Staples as planned, and was able to return the drive. Picked up one of these. Upon plugging it in for the first time, I was a bit confused, because the file system was listed as CDFS, but I tried running the "ONSPCLK.exe" program it kept prompting me about, and after entering the default password (12345 :s), it popped up another box saying something about the other partition being unlocked, so I went and looked in "Computer", and sure enough, there it was. Interesting. I don't exactly like how the file system for that partition is FAT32, but I'm in the process of getting it formatted to NTFS right now, so whatever :p

And now it's time to begin the ~1 hour of copying. After which I plan on emailing that person to see if my money order for that tail arrived yet. It's been almost two weeks. If the answer's still no, I have to wonder if something might've happened to it :\
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