March 21st, 2007

If Only it was Thursday...

We closed at 2. Didn't get out of there 'till 4. Reason? Me and Mark were the only ones closing. Jerome was there 'till 2 to help, and before he left, he counted off my till, seeing as I was on drive through, but other than that, it was only the two of us. Not bad I guess, considering. These are the kinds of things that you'd hope Shelia and anyone else who has anything to do with planning the schedule would notice, and thus put more people on for closing, but thus far, that hasn't happened :\

Same thing tomorrow night, except Jessica's done at 2. She'll probably be on drive through as well, so knowing our luck, there'll still be plenty of dishes at the back when we close. Maybe she'll be able to stay, but that all depends on what Mark says.

I have Thursday off though, so even if we're there 'till the same time as tonight, I'll be able to sleep in for as long as I want the following day. Well, to a degree. I'm thinking about actually preordering a game for once. Either Pokémon Pearl or Diamond, believe it or not. Don't say anything~

But for now, it's time to go upstairs. I fully plan on going to Heart and Stroke later on this morning, so I want to be asleep by 6 at latest :p
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See here. I'm supposed to wait at least 4 weeks for a $20 rebate? Feh. I wasn't even going to bother filling the thing out, until I happened to notice that it expired the day after I took a look at it, so I suppose I'll either get $20, or nothing at all :p

Waiting for 9:00 right now, then I'm off to work. Get done there whenever, then I have to come home and wash dishes here. Yay :s Although this week, I'm not going to break my external hard drive. Maybe it's just coincidence that the other two stopped working (heh) on the days I had to wash dishes as well, but I dunno. We'll find out tonight, I guess :3

And as planned, did go to Heart and Stroke today, although I almost had myself convinced to go back to bed. Woke up at 12. Set my alarm ahead to 12:30, and went back to sleep. Woke up again at 12:30, got up, and sat down in my chair, and got to thinking that Michele didn't really need me in, and that I was way too tired to do anything :x I'm still way too tired to do anything, but that can't be helped :\ Went to Taco Bell for supper, and Jerome said something about how he heard that we didn't get out 'till 4, then he asked me if I slept in today or something. I wish :p But like I said before, I have tomorrow off, and Michele knows that I won't be in, so I'm just going to sleep.

I wouldn't be as tired, had I not got to thinking about various things last night, thereby preventing me from falling asleep 'till 7 or so, so yeah.

Time to get ready~
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