April 12th, 2007

Remind me Never to do that Again

I believe this says it all :s Even something as simple as "This is for the second tail" :x Interestingly enough, it arrived a day early this time, so I have to wonder if the tail'll arrive early as well. I hope so <3 Something happened to the other one, so there's now a little rough patch down near the end, and as much as I brush, tug, or do whatever else with it, it stays the same :\ Although I'd like to think that brushing said spot with a fine(r) tooth comb would help, but given that brushing it last night took enough fur off of it (or so it appeared), I'd rather not.

Well, forget that actually. Was just upstairs, and I figured I'd look in the bathroom for a smaller comb, and I couldn't find one (that didn't have hair tangled up in it already, that is), but I did happen to spot a toothbrush that hasn't been used in ages, so I tried that, and it appears to have worked a bit. Yay~

And yeah. John stopped by Taco Bell twice tonight, and asked if I'd be online once I got home. I am, but he's nowhere to be found. Work itself was alright, if annoyingly busy at the worst possible times (while I was trying to get hot line cleaned out, for instance), but otherwise, alright. For whatever reason though, I had something stuck in my head the entire night. Not a song either. This. So yeah. If you know where it's from, good for you (I guess :p), and if not, I wouldn't worry about it too much :3

Otherwise, I'm just waiting for 10 in the morning to roll around right now, when I plan on calling EB Games. Apparently Super Paper Mario was released a couple days ago, and I want it, so I might as well call them as soon as possible to see if they have a copy, and if not, just go to bed. I don't have to be to work 'till 8 tomorrow again, and I have three days off after that, so the lack of sleep I'll probably have between now and whenever I wake up this afternoon will be negligible. The weird thing about tomorrow is that, according to the handwashing sheet that Mark did up before we left, only him, me, and Steve are closing. Manoah, however, works 9 - 4, once again, according to the handwashing sheet, because Shelia neglected to specify whether that was am or pm. So Mark has him written down for 9 in the morning 'till 4 in the afternoon. I dearly hope that he's actually there from 9 at night 'till 4 in the morning, because otherwise, we're going to be screwed. Especially if it's as busy as it was last Thursday :\

Also about work: I have three days off this weekend, yes? I did not ask for them, or tell anyone else "I wish I had these days off", but I still got them, so meh. It'll be a nice change. However, when I went in tonight, next week's schedule is up, and guess what? Thursday, Friday, and Saturday off :o

For now though, I think I'm going to play some StepMania, and then possibly run upstairs to grab my DS and work on Justice for All some more :3
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So help me. It's 11 in the morning, and I've been awake since 7 yesterday night, and before that, only had ~7 hours of interrupted sleep :3 Just got back from EB Games (well, maybe not just), where I did manage to get Super Paper Mario, although I obviously haven't gotten to playing it yet, but I suppose that's something I could do tomorrow.

Mom and Dad are both gone to the funeral home across from the Wendys that burnt down (yay for (inappropriate) landmarks :x), for a funeral (or so I'd hope). For Dave Morris, I believe. Don't really know what his relation was to our family, aside from just a friend, and that's added to the fact that aside from when I was still a kid (sounds strange typing that :s), he's only stopped by to visit once every couple years, and usually only for 10 minutes or so at that, so yeah.

Suffice to say they can go to the funeral, but I'm going to go to sleep, because although I do remember him as being a cool guy, I never really knew him that well, so I don't see much point :\

And also: I have, up here in my room, three shelves. The top one's mainly used for random storage (namely, stuff I could throw out and not miss seeing as I haven't touched it in who knows how many years), the middle one was for Pokémon (heh) stuff, and the bottom one now has said stuff plus a several Star Wars things. Needless to say, the middle and bottom shelf were used for storing those items back when I was actually into those sorts of things, and yeah. I'm not now, but I can't bring myself to throw them out.

Anyways, the middle shelf now holds all my games. Well, except for the Gamecube copy of Twilight Princess, but I forgot where that was when I was setting them all up. I never realized how many I had either.

And yeah. This may all seem terribly random, but at the moment, it's very relevant, and I feel the need to type it down, so that's why it's here~

Now it's time to go to bed. 11:30, and I need to be up by 7 at latest. Oh fun.
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