April 13th, 2007

It's Friday the 13th :o

^ random fact I just noticed while I was trying to think up a title. However, by the time I wake up, there'll probably only be ~5 hours left in the day, so I'm not going to worry :p

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I don't understand her on two other points either. First of all, for some inane reason, she saw fit to tell me one of their dogs (Andreas Mark, I think) got into her blood pressure pills :s Then also, as I was walking back to try to get more dishes done, I heard her say to Jerome and the other people in the middle "Want to have an orgasm in your mouth? Go to the superstore, buy the Hersheys' cookies, put them in the fridge, let them cool down, then take one out and put it in your mouth." I said something to the effect of not knowing what I walked into, then she felt the need to tell me to take my innocent little mind back to the dishes~ Yeah, she probably meant it jokingly, but still, you shouldn't judge someone just by what you can see (I guess) :3

So anyways, it's 6:30 right now. I know Adam has to go to work sometime this morning, but given how tired I am right now, that may prove not to be a problem after all. Three days off now, then have to be back at 8 on Monday. Finally. Although I do plan on going in there sometime after 8 tonight to ask John just what was going on when he came through tonight. I think he was drunk, but he was... well... really energetic as well :p

I had planned on going to Heart and Stroke today, but looking at things right now, I won't be, but I have to think: I'll end up going Wednesday of next week, then I also have Thursday, Friday, and Saturday off, so either I can go three days in a row, or just Wednesday and Thursday / Friday.

And now I'm either going to watch some more Home Improvement or go to bed. I brought Super Paper Mario down with the intent to try it out, but I'm too tired to right now. Probably sometime tonight~
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