April 28th, 2007

And I Thought Today Would be Fun

Well, I was going to write something about work, but I really don't feel like it right now, so let's just say it was busy, and I got stuck on drive through. That's actually the one thing I will write about. When I first walked in there, Josh told me that I was on "DTC", meaning that I'd simply be taking customers' cash and handing out the orders, so I went to the back to take a look at the dishes, and after seeing how many there were, figured that Markie should be able to manage drive through by herself for about an hour while I tried to get some of the dishes caught up.

That didn't work out though, seeing as I ended up having to put a headset on anyways, so Markie instead offered to do the dishes. Earl and Shelia did not like that. Apparently, if I fail to immediately run down to grab an order after they say it's done, it means I need help. And according to Earl, for speed of service, there has to be two people on drive through at all times. So that immediately begs the question "Why don't we have enough people for two on nights?", as well as blatant... idiocy (but that may be a bit harsh) on his part. The biggest problem for speed of service is the people making the food not having it done by the time we're finished taking the cash, and handing out the drinks.

And then around 6, I ran to the back to check the Pepsi, because it looked like it was out, and Shelia was back there doing the dishes. She told me (quite sternly, in fact) that if she sent someone up to help me, she had a reason, and her reason that time was that she had looked out the door at the back. Once again, and absolute lie, unless her idea of a circumstance in which I'd need help is when there's one car past the menu board.

But on the other hand, in their defense, I suppose mid-afternoon isn't the greatest time to try to get the dishes caught up either :3

And now, something that's been bothering me for a little while now...

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So I can do three things right now. Play Guitar Hero II, Justice for All, or StepMania, but that'd require downloading some new songs. Not much to do on Guitar Hero II, other than just keep working through Career Mode on Hard. Might do a bit of StepMania, just to try some new songs, but Justice for All is what I really want to play. Did just enough of it last night to unlock both Engarde and Andrews' Psyche-Locks. Andrews doesn't change too much, but Engarde is, well, a completely different person :o

But I'm also at what I'm guessing is the last part of the game, which is rather disappointing, seeing as if it is, I'll be left to either pick the first one up again or just wait for Trials and Tribulations :\ Meh. The only way to find out is to play it some more.

And last thing: we're having company tomorrow. Yay :3 Aunt Marie and Uncle Mark, to be specific, which'll be interesting in itself, seeing as to my memory, they've never actually come over here. Although knowing my luck I'll be asleep when they arrive. Whatever~ Time for StepMania.
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It's Over...

Just finished "Farewell, my Turnabout". Way to keep you on edge. Especially when you have to choose whether Engarde's Guilty or Not Guilty. On one hand, you can say "Not Guilty", and Maya will be released (relatively) unharmed, but Engarde will go free while Andrews gets the Guilty verdict, or say he's Guilty, and give Engarde what he deserves, although at the cost of Maya's life.

At least that's what your options seem like at that point :p

But now I have to wonder what happens if you choose to say he's Not Guilty. Feh. I don't feel like going through the entire case again to find out. Actually, that and what good the drawing Maya did on De Killer's card would've been. I suppose you could say "As you can see this is De Killer's card, which Maya drew on, so it only makes sense that she had to be somewhere near him, and I know for a fact that she was kidnapped", but the first thing you'd get asked is "Can you prove that?"

Now to wait for September~

But before that, I'm going to go to sleep :3
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