May 19th, 2007

Because I Have Nothing Better to Do

I once again was able to get my hands on Dad's digital camera, and actually took pictures (of the cats, mostly), so here they are. Some of 'em are big, so consider yourself warned :p

Little Cat

The one of little cat (or "litticat" (or "fox")) is probably the best. The others are far too blurry.

And because it seemed proper at the time, results of two songs in Guitar Hero II:

Free Bird


Other than that, work, first of all. Wasn't too bad, except for the beginning of the night. I ended up getting all the dishes caught up again, and despite things not looking very good at 12 or so, we were still out of there at 4:20 or so :3 We did a food swap with Dominos as well, which left me with a rather tasty snack to have upon getting home.

Tomorrow it's the same people once again, except with Josh as the closing manager. Feh. Right now, I'm going to guess I'll be on drive through, Josh'll do the dining room, and Steve and Manoah will have to deal with each other on line. That is, assuming Manoah does come in, because he already said quite bluntly that he might be calling in sick.

But it's 7 in the morning, so I really should try to get to sleep. Sent that person a reply back early, and got told that it'll be going out today, because Saturday's the only time they really have to deal with such things, and that they're once again sorry for the wait. Meh. As happened before, I don't think I'll only be getting one thing from them, but that's nothing definite yet~
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Fireworks :o

Although it is Saturday, and it's a long weekend as well, so it really shouldn't be surprising, I suppose. I have to wonder one thing though.

There are obviously people setting off fireworks out there right now, and where there's one person / group of people, there's bound to be more, so I just wonder if that means we won't be too busy for the first part of the night, and then get absolutely killed later on. I honestly hope so. Seeing as that way, we'll be able to have everything done and caught up before we get busy, rather than being horribly swamped by customers at first, then once that dies down, having everything to catch up that was created during the rush (dishes, sweeping the floors, etc.), plus everything else that had to be done before that.

So yeah. Up in my room right now. I really should get my uniform on soon, but then again, it's only 8:10, so there's still plenty of time. The main reason I'm up here though is 'cause of Adam. The same thing he told me will probably get mentioned by Josh on the way home tonight as well, which is why I really hope Manoah didn't call in sick, and if so, ends up being the second person we drop off. And that is of course setting aside that it wouldn't surprise me if Josh asks if I want to do anything afterwards, because we haven't seen each other in a while, I have tomorrow off, and he only closes on weekends, and they wouldn't schedule him for a close then open right away afterwards. Maybe a supper shift, actually, but that remains to be seen. Of course, I'm probably reading way too far into this, so we'll just have to see how things go tonight. One of the main reasons I hope I'm on drive through (either that, or just running around doing odd jobs), because then I'm fairly isolated from the rest of them, and they can't bother me as much as they could should I be on line.

But otherwise today, woke up at 5:30, went to get some supper at 6, and I haven't been doing anything too exciting since :s

Might as well put my uniform on right now, then play Paper Mario. Started a game on my laptop here, with Project64, and I'm up to just starting into the second chapter right now :3
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