May 27th, 2007

I Couldn't Post this at First :o

Excellent job, Adam. He was using Windows Live Messenger on the other computer earlier tonight, and left himself signed in. Someone else just signed in, so the little box popped up, and they said "selam". Explained to them that I wasn't who they were looking for, and exited. Really an awkward moment though.

And work tonight. Two things. One, I got screwed over for leaving at 3, but rather expected that. Jerome twisted his ankle or something earlier on today, yet still came in to work :s Josh asked me if I'd stay to close, so he could send Jerome home, and I reluctantly agreed. The worst part about it was he asked me right in the middle of doing dishes, so it went from me trying to get them caught up, so as I could be out of there at 3, to just knowing I should get them caught up, so we could all get out of there as soon as possible after 4.

The other thing is / was Steve. Me and Manoah both agree that he gets pissed off way too easily, and overreacts at the slightest thing when it's busy, which is exactly what happened tonight. Not to say that it's a bad thing though. It's deliciously fun to be down in drive through or in the middle prepping up whatever, and hearing him moaning and carrying on. So tonight there were a couple examples...

1) I had to do more frying tonight. Just salad shells, twists, and nachos, fortunately. I did the salad shells without problems, then managed to fry the twists and put the sugar on them, when Josh asked me to go up on line and help Steve, because it was getting busy. So I did, then went back to bagging the twists after things calmed down again, and before I knew it, out of nowhere, he says to me "Come up and help me. The customers won't fscking stop coming." Yeah. One of these nights, I'm just going to tell him "No".

2) We got two big orders tonight. One was 5 hard tacos, 5 soft tacos, and twenty (20) soft taco supremes (which came to $52.10) :p I helped him with that one, but when the other one came, I was down in drive through, and took it myself. Contents were as follows. Collapse )

Once again, yeah. Josh jumped on line and helped him with that order, and afterwards, asked Steve if he wanted to go back and do the dishes, because someone needed to. He didn't say anything at first, so I asked him if he'd rather do drive through, and I'd do dishes. He didn't really say anything to that either, but he took it anyways (looking back, I should've just said "Here. Either you take drive through, or go back and do the dishes" - he still seems to think that he can choose exactly what he wants to do), so whatever. Good thing the weekend's over too, because my patience with him was wearing rather thin. I can understand a bit of complaint, but not as much as he's been doing :\

Heh. This is rather funny. Little Cat found a chicken wing somewhere (where, I'd really like to know), and she keeps picking it up in her mouth, quickly dropping it again, then licking her mouth. Perhaps it's spicy :3

Feh. I had planned to write a bit more, but it's almost 7 in the morning, and I'm sure this could do without it anyways :p
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One Other Question

Didn't really feel like editing this into my other entry there, so here it is.

There is a song here. Well, part of it, anyways. It was recorded from an episode of Home Improvement, which explains the mistakes made :p

What I'm wondering is what the name of it is. I know Mom would probably be able to tell me, but she's still asleep right now, so even though I could always ask her later on this afternoon or something, I figured I'd just put it in here for now~