May 31st, 2007

Coupons :x

So apparently lots of people received coupons for Taco Bell in the mail today. At the end of the night, we had received something like 96 of them, at a total discount of ~$100 :o So first of all, seeing as summer's getting closer and closer, we're getting busier by the day, therefore more people bring in coupons, and end up getting a family pack and a couple cheesy gordita crunches or something in each order, and yeah. So it was incredibly busy tonight. Although the common theory right now is that the busyness is due to that the coupons were just mailed out today, so people end up thinking "Well, instead of just sticking these on the fridge, why don't we go out for supper tonight?" And I had originally figured that I'd be on drive through, given that last time I worked with Mark, I was on line, but no. Steve was. So we went from having three people on line, to just me, when we were still as busy as we had been before. Ugh.

And on top of all that, I put on my regular shoes before I left, and it wasn't 'till I looked down before walking into the place that I noticed my shoes were white :s I ended up just grabbing a pair from the bathroom though, because there's quite a few in there that nobody ever touched, and noone has ever claimed, so it worked out in the end.

Didn't give Dad his card yet either, but I just wrote a little thing in it, put the money in, and sealed it up, so whenever I see him next, I can give it to him then.

Hopefully it comes this morning as well. I figured Thursday, seeing as it was supposed to have been shipped on Saturday, and I plan on staying up to get to it before anyone else does, and I'd really hate to do that for nothing. Although they've been forecasting rain all night long on the radio, so maybe it will sometime tonight, and end up a bit cooler when I do end up going to bed...

But for now it's time to take my incoherent self into the kitchen, because I have to do dishes. Yay :p
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Relative Success

Stayed up 'till ~10:30 in the morning, and didn't see anything at all, but despite not getting a whole lot of sleep, I don't feel too terribly tired, so that's good, I suppose. So I dunno. Maybe it'll come this morning, maybe not, but either way, I'm not going to stay up waiting for it. If someone else happens to get to it before me, then so be it. As I said a couple times before, the other one's been just sitting out in my room for quite a while, and nobody has said anything, so the worst I can see them saying is "What's that?" or "Oh you got another one..." Meh. Works for me :3 I might have a plan though. I haven't been to Heart and Stroke all week, and I could still go tomorrow. The first time I got such a thing as I'm waiting on right now, it was in between the doors, the morning I'd gotten up early to go volunteering. So depending on when I get to sleep, I might just do that. There's all of two hours' work at most to fix up the rest of the P2P receipting, and it'd be nice to have that done and over with as well.

The only annoying part about the whole thing today was trying to fall back asleep. My alarm clock went off at 5:10 (surprisingly enough :p), so the first thing I did was tried to turn my DS off, but then realized it wasn't making the noise, and yeah :s Tried to get back to sleep after that, but every so often, I kept hearing this rustling sound, as if one of the cats were trying to get out of my room or something. So twice I got up, looked around the base of the door and saw nothing, then heard it again, looked under the bed, then on top, and was surprised to see Smokey messing with the little bag sort of thing the power adapter for my PSP came in. Took it away from her, then once again tried to get back to sleep. Birds started chirping outside the window, really loudly too, so I got up and closed it, laid back down again, then Smokey was at my door meowing to get out. And my that time it was ~5:30, and I'd planned to actually get up at 6, so yeah :\

So work tonight. Most likely me, Steve, Manoah, and Mark, once again. And I really want to give Shelia what-for on another subject. We have three new people starting soon. Amber, Alec, and one other person whose name I can't remember. Have no clue who Amber is, and I really don't care, seeing as she's being scheduled for day shifts right now, as I'm pretty sure that other person is as well, but Alec is being put on closes. His first shift? Friday, 9 - 5 :\ No. The *only* advantage that has is that there's more people on, and thus it's easier to have someone else on drive through training him or whatever (because with how busy they're expecting it to be on the weekend, it really wouldn't be fair to start him off on line), while still having enough people to take care of everything else.

I'm pretty sure I know who he is as well, so it'll be nice to find out whether he really is or not :p So yeah. I work 8 - 4 tonight, 9 - 5 tomorrow, and 9 - some indeterminate time on Saturday. On the schedule, the last number almost looks like an 8, but that wouldn't be possible, so I'm going to assume it's 3. No problems there.

And before I went up to bed, I stuck Dad's card in the kitchen, where I figured he'd notice it, and sure enough, when I came back down here, it was taken out of the envelope, so I can only assume that he's seen it.
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Big Surprise

Just went into the TV room to give Mom Little Cat, and Naomi was in there doing stuff on her computer. I happened to notice she had a mouse plugged into one of the USB ports. *My* mouse. The little tiger pattern one I bought at Staples such a long time ago.

Of course, her story is that she bought it herself, but I asked her to show me the receipt, and her response was "Wha... but... I don't have to show you anything! I bought it myself!" So screw the civil route. Tomorrow morning, after she leaves for school, I'm going into her room and I'm going to find it. I am this close from losing it with her. Yes, it's just a mouse, that I don't use a whole lot anyways (minus that I couldn't use it seeing as I don't have it), but it's just her continued stealing.

I swear to God Mom and Dad had better see to it that she gets a job this summer. Even if it's at Taco Bell. Although lord knows that if she was hired there, her attitude would get her fired within the first week. That'd probably be rather funny in a certain light. I know she's applied at Tim Hortons before, so I have to ask why the hell she hasn't tried anywhere else, but that's their concern.

It's like, I try to understand that the reason she steals things is because she has no money to go out and buy them herself (which is rather curious, with the $10,000 we all got not even a year ago now), so her getting a job would show her a) that it's alot more satisfying to buy something with your own (hard earned) money, and b) that it's effing annoying to have something of yours stolen that you bought yourself.

If only...
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