June 8th, 2007

Acomdata Drive is Resilient :o

Accidentally dropped it on the floor just now, and aside from having to restart due to a problem with some drive management program that's included on it, it's still working fine :p Although before I go to bed tonight I'm definitely going to have to sync a couple folders on it with the other external drive that's up in my room. Take no chances~

Work was alright, with the exception of Steve, as usual. Highlights with him were "We need more people on nights", twice, and after not being able to hear what a customer was saying, and asking them to pull up to the window, "I'm not dealing with these fscking people... I asked them three times to stop talking all at once, and they wouldn't shut up..." Mark summed that up the best with a simple "Calm down Steve".

And there was also one strange thing about the night. Around 12:30, I asked Mark if I could run across the street to the bank to get some money, because I realized earlier that I do have enough to give Dad money for the internet as well, and the timing then was quite good. He agreed, so I ran across the street, withdrew $20, walked back, and upon walking back into the store, I felt absolutely exhausted, and the feeling stayed for the rest of the night.

As for tomorrow night, I'm on 9 - 5, with a whopping 6 other people. Minus Alec, seeing as he's still fairly new, but meh.

And had a bit of progress with that problem launching Phantasy Star Universe. The first time I tried loading it after mounting the ISO, it got to the Sega screen, then crashed again. So it's most obviously not a problem with the game, but instead something wrong with "GameGuard". What a surprise...

But instead of trying to fix that right now, I feel like playing Guitar Hero II~
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One More Thing~

About tonight. Some guy came through saying that he was there to pick up a family pack. Apparently the Thursday night we ran out of lettuce a couple weeks back, someone took notice, and decided to use that to their advantage. Called Earl and complained. In his infinite wisdom, he told them they'd get a family pack for free, but neglected (most likely consciously) to write that in the book. Barring the fact that the general manager himself is one of the more irresponsible people there, there's still three not so obvious problems with what he did.

First one's what I just said. He never wrote it in the complaint book, and to have someone tell you they're picking up a family pack, and not being able to find it anywhere in it, it's not too hard to suspect that they're lying. I have a hunch that he told someone else to do it, which is quite likely actually. One of the biggest problems I have with him is his annoying tendency to delegate things he doesn't want to do to other people. And the "Things he wants to do" category is far outweighed by the "Things he doesn't want to do" one :\ Feh. That's a problem all on it's own, so I'll stop there.

Second problem: the customers' sole problem was that we had no lettuce. So why exactly were we giving them a family pack, when lettuce doesn't get anywhere near the fries and nachos? 5 tacos, maybe 10, I can understand, but not an entire family pack.

And the third thing: why were we being held responsible for something we had absolutely no control over? We ran out of lettuce, simple as that. Those things can happen, believe it or not, and I find it extremely hard to believe that said customer was so put off by us not having any that he decided to just drive away, only to complain later. Well actually, we did have a bit of control over it, but it should also be noted that attempts were made to get more lettuce as soon as it was noticed that we were going to run out.

Yes, the customer is supposed to always be right, but that rule is far from absolute.

And screw Phantasy Star Universe. Several un (and re) installs later, it still doesn't work (although the game did load to a menu screen a couple times), so yeah. A last ditch attempt would be trying to install it from XP instead of Vista (seeing as under the latter, not only does the "Email such and such a file to this address" dialog come up, but the standard "... program has stopped responding" one does as well :x Extremely frustrating.
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Might Still Work...

So Dad leaves for Indonesia on the 22nd. Fathers Day is coming up this Sunday, and as a suggestion, Mom said we might think of giving him $100 US to take along. "We" being me and Adam. I don't exactly like that idea, seeing at $100 is quite a bit of money, but it'd be awfully hypocritical of me to say "No" after I just sent off $320 for my giant tail :s But there's also the problem that right now, I have something like $4,040 in my account. I'd rather not go below 4. However, we get paid again the week he leaves, so I might just buy him a card (for I can certainly afford one of those :p), and write inside that he'll get his gift in a week. I'll still be going under 4000 for a day or two at most, but that's certainly more manageable.

Work at 9 tonight though, and like I already said, there's 6 other people there. Jess leaves at 3, and someone else leaves at 4, and after that, we still have 5 people to close :o If we aren't out of there almost right away (and the only exception I can see for that is doing extra prep), there's going to be problems.

Meh. More N for now.
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Thanks Mom...

Got to work, knocked on the door, and Josh opened it up. First thing out of his mouth was "You're not supposed to be here." Apparently Earl canceled my shift (as well as Steve's), most likely because there were too many people closing tonight. 5 is plenty enough, but meh. However, instead of just telling me to go home, he said something about "But Steph wants you to take her shift, so she can go home". So I wanted to say "No, I want to go home", but then I'd have felt guilty all night, but at the same time I didn't want to say "Yeah I'll take your shift for you", because then I'd be screwing myself over. Josh also tried to offer me an incentive, by saying that if I stayed, we could probably convince Dad to run to his house first, so he could pick up his guitar (for Guitar Hero II), and that way we'd be able to do some more two player. Two glaring problems with that.

First of all, regardless of what happens, Dad would have to stop at his house first, no matter what. Second problem is that the odds of him changing things as soon as we got in the van are very high. Instead of him coming over here, I'd end up going to his house instead. He's done it before. Oh cynicism~

So finally Steph (assumedly) got tired of waiting and told me it was fine if I wanted to go home, so I did.

Excellent timing too. Ange arrived right then, stomping all around the place, snapping at Alec about his shirt not being tucked in, and getting even angrier after he said "Whoa". Just as an observation right now, it almost seems as if she's behaving like Earl. She's a manager, but she knows people don't treat / see her as one, and thus is quick to point out any flaw, mistake, or oversight anyone happens to make. And I get to work with her tomorrow night. Oh yay. With Elischa too. Although I haven't yet worked with her since she started there again, so whatever.

But as for Ange, it's almost like she's taken what power she has over the regular employees, and stretched it way out of proportion. Yes, managers have the right to tell people what to do, but they are not supposed to snap at other people if they make an... unfavorable comment - if you were a manager, and told me to drop fries, and I did, but not before saying something with a tone that gave away that I wasn't pleased, there's no call to get all pissed off about it. Well actually, either the power-hungry theory, or maybe she just had a bad day. Actually, what's more, while I was trying to decide whether to stay or go home, I figured I'd try to phone Mom to see if she did get the message or not, and used the closest phone, that being the one in the back office. Then afterwards, I was still sort of standing in it, as Ange walked in, and the first thing out of her mouth was "What are you doing in the managers' office? No regular employees back there period!" Feh.

But that aside, called for a ride around 10, then went to the bank (where I managed to find out the amounts of those deposits Paypal made, so I've got that all set up now), then to Shoppers, to get Dad a Fathers Day card, then to Tim Hortons after that, and finally back home. What a night~

Still quite a few hours left though, so might as well find something else to do :3
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