June 12th, 2007

Interesting Afternoon

Got up about 5, then did a couple things on my laptop (got an email from Michele asking when I'll be in this week, so I'm definitely going to be heading in there on Wednesday), then came downstairs. First thing Adam said was that Josh was coming over, to play Guitar Hero II. No sooner than I'd sat down, and he walked in the door. Played the game for a good 4 hours :o Mostly just so he could get some achievements (yay for being the only one that can actually do songs in Expert :3), then Dad got home, and I had to show him once again how to connect to the internet wirelessly. For some reason the service didn't start automatically, but I changed the option for that in the properties, so it should work now.

Of course, he's going to be rather surprised when he can't connect to the access point here while he's gone away :p Either I'll have to type up a little thing to show him what to do, or maybe there'll be someone there that can show him how to get it working.

Money stuff now. Specifically with getting paid next week. As usual, we'll assume I bring in $400. $100 US (so probably $110) will be going to Dad, for when he goes to Indonesia, then $50 (or maybe $60) for that thing I talked about in my previous entry, minus $40 for gas, and then another $10 to get my hair cut. So that'd be $210 gone right there. Ugh. And *maybe* $30 for going to 7-11 or whatever, on days off.

And now, Collapse )

I have (almost) the whole night ahead of me now though, so it's time to run upstairs and put on a tail, then find something to eat~
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(Revised) list of stuff I'm going to have to put money towards when I get paid next:

.: $100 US for Dad
.: $40 for gas
.: $10 for a haircut
.: $20 - $40 for a (new) fan

Totaling $190 at most. That's a *much* more manageable (and favorable) amount.

I decided to say "screw it" to that other thing, that would've cost me ~$60, because although I technically could afford it, it's not something I *need*, and it's really a waste of money seeing as I have three others right now and a fourth coming sometime soon. Then I got to thinking that I could go out and spend that money on the Tetris Attack game for the DS (the name escapes me at the moment), but that'd be too much money for something I don't really need either, and besides, I find playing the game with a controller (or keyboard) much easier, although I really shouldn't be saying that, seeing as I haven't even thought about what it'd be like playing with a stylus yet, but meh.

And as for the last item on the list, yeah. Just came up into my room, and noticed my fan was tilted down slightly, so I went to put it back up, and broke the fan part right off ;_; I have it propped up on a book right now, so hopefully that should do 'till next week :x There is the off chance there might be another one down in the basement or something, but barring that, I figure I'd be looking at anywhere from $20 to $40.

Otherwise, just getting to bed. Not sure if I'm going to do anything special tomorrow, seeing as it is my last day off 'till Friday and Saturday (not that long really :p), but I do plan on going to Heart and Stroke on Wednesday as well. Feh.

I do have about $15 over 4000 in my bank account right now, so I might get something for supper, but the stingy part of me says I should be saving that for this coming Monday, which is when we get our hair cut. We'll see, I guess. I still have almost $40 of change locked away in my room here, but that's being saved strictly to, should the need arise, pay the customs fees for that giant tail when it gets here <3

There's still $5 worth of Tim Hortons gift certificates on my dresser as well, so I might use those, but I can't help feeling I'd go in there, order what I want, try to pay with them, and get told that they don't accept them there. I guess there's only one way to find out, but that'll probably have to wait 'till Dad calls to get picked up from work anyways.

For now, it's time to figure out what I should set my alarm clock for, followed by trying to get to sleep. I read somewhere on customize.org that going outside and standing in the sun for 15 minutes would reset your biological clock, which could help in this case, but I'll be darned if I'm going to try to do that after not having slept for 13 hours :p
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