June 16th, 2007

So Soon

It's only 6 in the morning and I'm already exhausted. Up in bed right now, so I could go to sleep anytime I want, but there was one thing I wanted to put in here first. I'll get to that in a bit though.

Not much for a day off today, aside from ordering pizza and getting one step closer to the source of all these annoyances lately (hint: part of it has something to do with not being the first - what specifically I'm not going to mention yet (that or a word that starts with j and ends with y, at 8 characters in length)). Didn't get asked to come in to work (for once), but whatever. Dad said something a bit earlier about how he might pick me up a fan from Zellers this morning, just so long as I pay him back, so I'll probably just go for that. I'm just as willing to go out and find one I want as he is to pay for it for me, so whatever. The one I'm using right now fell on the floor again way earlier on this afternoon, but I've got it set back up so it'll still work. I doubt it could take much more though :p

Can't wait for next week(end) though. Dad'll be gone (I still don't know how long for), and it's going to be an extremely refreshing change to not have to rely on them for any and everything. I'm looking forward to walking to (and possibly home from work), just as much as wearing one of my tails and not trying to hide it or whatever if someone comes downstairs. I was quite close to just walking into the living room this morning, and grabbing the one I'd hidden away in plain sight of Adam. I figured if he asked anything, I'd just say "I'm not explaining anything right now. I'm too tired", and then it'd be that much less awkward. And hopefully next time I commission something from SPark it's not going to be a tail :s Tentatively thinking of footpaws right now, but before anything, I want to save up enough to put $1,000 more into savings and still have 4 left in my account, so it'll probably be a little while 'till then :x

And meh. I think that's all for now. I've just sat here staring at this for a good 10 minutes doing nothing whatsoever, so it's definitely time for bed~
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So Much for a Night Off

I'm going in from 11 to close. Apparently Alec called in sick, and I really couldn't bring myself to say "No" again, so yeah. In retrospect though, I should've said "Well, try calling some other people and if they won't come in I will", but that leaves the door wide open for them to just not call anyone at all, then phone me back half an hour later or so saying that nobody else would come in. It's just that I can't help shake the feeling that I always get called right away. Although provided I can bring myself to say it, when I get there, I'm going to see about leaving at 4, as opposed to closing. They still have Jerome, Steve, and Josh on afterwards, which is plenty enough people, so the only reason I can see them wanting me to stay is so they can have a ride home, and screw that.

It's one of the most annoying things about being scheduled to leave right when the store closes, as opposed to after everything's cleaned up, and there are other people working that want rides home. I know they can walk themselves, because they've done it before, and it's really aggravating how childish they can be when it comes to wanting a ride. Hell, I'm sure Dad wouldn't mind not being woken up for once, so why not?

God. So much wrong with what they just did. Manoah's also there 'till 2, so I have to ask why they just don't ask him to stay the extra three hours. Yes, there is the possibility he started earlier this afternoon, in which case working 'till 2 is probably a stretch enough, but just... ugh.

On the lighter side of things though, had a rather fun dream that involved either Adam or Naomi walking into the kitchen holding one of my tails (the first one I got) while I was washing the dishes, hitting me on the back with it, and asking what it was. Can't remember the exact questions, but I know they said "furry" a couple times, and I couldn't help think "How right you are". Quickly dried my hands and took it back from them, whereupon they asked me the same questions again. By that time I was out in the front hallway (I was apparently taking it back up to my room), so I turned around, pointed to the end, and said "See this? It's a belt loop. That should say enough", and then I woke up :p

New fan's also sitting next to me here (in a box), so I really should see about taking it upstairs and getting it set up before I have to leave for work, but I will in a bit. Was only $25 (or so Dad says), but it's one of the type you'd see in school classrooms and such (the tall standing ones), so yeah.

And one more thing: I'm *never* going to do anything involving sending money on a Thursday or Friday again. It takes far too long. Tried to transfer $2.00 from my bank account to Paypal account on the 8th, just to see if I did indeed have everything set up correctly, and it's still listed as "Processing", with the expected clearing date being June 18th. Sent SPark the money order for my giant tail on Thursday the 7th, and chances are she won't actually get it 'till the 18th, when it's gotten there quite a bit faster before. Bleh.

Time to go try to get this fan set up :3
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