June 18th, 2007

One Night Down

Hardly busy at all, and pretty much everything was done when I walked in at 8, so yeah. An enjoyable night altogether. The next two though... closers are me, Ange, Michelle, and Jess. As Mark so eloquently put it, Jess and Ange are good workers on their own, but together they get nothing done. He also had a couple interesting stories to tell about them, that I may or may not write about tomorrow, depending on whether I can remember them or not :p The way I see the next two nights is like this though. Monday, (when I'd much rather be at home, for reasons I've gone over before), it shouldn't be too busy, and Mark is there 'till 10, so some things should get done, but after that, I can't picture very much happening, especially seeing as it'll be Michelle's first close :\ The order also comes tomorrow morning, and I wouldn't be surprised if we're still there when it does.

Tuesday will probably be a bit busier, but otherwise, about the same as Monday, except without having to worry about the order.

Didn't find anything out about what's going on involving Thursday on the schedule yet, but from what Steve said, they do have the right to make changes to the schedule or whatever, and not give any notification as long as it's *not* up to 24 hours before the day and time in question. At first when I heard that I thought "Well that's it then", but thinking about it a bit more, why did Earl then say last night that they probably meant to call me but didn't get a chance to? I do have to give him that it was late at night, and he probably didn't think of it at the time or something, but still, it doesn't add up.

Have to be up at 12:20 to go to the bank and get my hair cut though, and I do need to have a shower and shave beforehand, so I might as well head upstairs and get that done and over with right now...
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Nothing Yet

Bleh. Was hoping to wake up and at least see something about either that $2.00 having been put in my Paypal account successfully, or something from SPark saying that she got the money order, but there's been nothing so far. I really need to be more patient :p Also found another something I'm going to need to invest some money in upon getting paid. An extension cord. Looking on Staples' site, cheap ones run for about $5 though, which is quite an excellent price. Also have here $100 US, that I had to pay ~$109 for, so whatever. Can't say I was expecting any different.

Found out a few more details about how long Dad'll be gone and such. He leaves this Wednesday, and is away for two weeks. So by the sound of it, things aren't going to quite work out for that giant tail actually arriving while he's still gone, but meh. He just walked through here four times (twice into his room, twice back out), while I was sitting in my chair here, clearly touching my other tails, and he said not a word, so yeah. I still do look forward to wearing them around the house while he's gone, just to try to get everyone used to seeing such a thing :s

And on the furry topic, this has been a most interesting thread. The original post does have a couple good points, but outside of that, it's so amazingly biased it's not even funny. And yes. I've been posting under the name "nlat" there, just for interest's sake :p

Now that Dad's gone for work though, I really should write something in the card I got for him, and leave it on the counter. It's a day late already, and that's quite bad enough :\
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Two More Things

So I've just been looking at the selection of extension cords available at staples.ca, and I came across this one. Does anyone else see the problem? Apparently we can't count now :s There is a chance I might not need to buy one though, because I do have a power bar (or whatever the name is) in my room, underneath my bed, with at least one plug free. Depending on how far the cord to my new fan stretches, I just may be able to move it closer to my bed, and then run the cord down and underneath. Then simply tape the rest down afterwards or something so nobody trips over it. But like I already said, the cheapest ones are ~$5 a piece, and that's quite alright.

Second thing is with this. I'm not even going to bother pointing out all the problems with it. The first time I saw the thing, I figured "Okay, maybe "danceing" was intentional", but given the rest of the spelling mistakes, I highly doubt it. And then one other oddity. It's an advertisement on a furry-themed site, so why does it specifically state "Professional Mascot Maker"? Sure, when it comes down to it, both fursuits and mascot suits can be considered the same thing, but they're going to be used more or less for entirely different purposes, so at very least, they should've edited it to say "Professional Fursuit / Mascot Maker". Or maybe I'm just being entirely too fussy. And also: what does a dragon head have to do with "Danceing Wolf"? I do fully realize that the quality of work whomever is behind that produces could by far make up for the spelling mistakes and whatnot, but to just pass by and happen to see it makes it look really unprofessional.

Now it's about time I got my things ready for work, because I have to walk there. Meh. As long as it's not too hot outside, I should be alright.
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