June 28th, 2007

What a Night

New rules abound at work now. Some of the more amusing ones include being required to actually count out the change as you hand it to the customer (makes sense only when it comes to a slightly modified version of this), actually having to say "Hi welcome to Taco Bell my name is ... how can I help you today" at front cash (WTF), being required to read off the order as it's being handed out, in drive through (so for example "Okay, so a combo 3 soft, no tomatoes on anything, just cheese on the fries"), although apparently we were supposed to be doing that all along, and many other such wonders.

The biggest problem I have with all that is that it's what the CHAMPS people want us to do. However, another one of the things they want us to do is maintain a fast / quick speed of service. By doing all those things they want now though, we're effectively going to be adding on ~30 seconds to each order, which'll add up quite quickly. Of course, part of me can't help but think they'd already have thought of that, and thus adjust their expectations accordingly, but we'll have to see.

And also, apparently we're (we being all of the regular crew) all to undergo retraining, with the videos that have been sitting in the back office for ages now. Really, it's more *training* because I doubt too many people there have been formally trained, but that doesn't make much of a difference.

It goes without saying that the common attitude about all that right now is "Yeah, after we're all trained again, things'll go like they want for a month or so, but then they'll be right back to normal" which, right now, is really the truth. Unless they plan on actively making sure we're doing things the way we were trained to, but I can't see that happening.


So yeah. It was me, Josh, and Michelle tonight, which was an interesting experience. Josh asked me at the beginning of the night if, should he need me tomorrow, might I come in, and I told him "If you absolutely have no other choice, then I might", but there's not many circumstances that fall under the "absolutely have no other choice" category. However, as it turns out, he has more people tonight than he thought he did, so it looks like I won't have to worry after all.

Don't know about going in to see Shelia either. See, she stopped by earlier on, and said something about how for, the week they're gone, she'll be scheduling me for 4-12 shifts and the like, which is curious. Like I've said several times, I planned on going there maybe 9pm at latest, but 12? Heh. I'm considering sending an email off to Josh sometime soon saying "Pass this on to your Mom", followed by the details of what I plan on doing. And Manoah earlier on in the night though. My God. He overheard that I was watching the dogs, and decided to ask how much I was getting paid. Thank you Shelia for saying "It's not for you to know". Then he started asking me, and I simply told him "If she's not going to say anything, I'm not either". It's really none of his business though, so where did he get off asking that? Curiosity, yes, but if that was the case, he wouldn't have jumped straight to how much I was getting paid.

Oh incoherency~

Time to run upstairs to the bathroom, then find something else to watch on the other computer. Josh was just over here, and we watched Reno 911 (or something like that), but now I'm rather bored :p
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Maybe She Should be More Careful

Was woken up by Naomi, asking me if I knew the password for Dad's computer, because Mom needed to check her email. Wrapped a blanket around myself, and told them to follow me downstairs, because I'd just let her use the computer down there to do so. Surprise surprise, the whole "Mom needs to check her email" thing was just a front. Here's what I understand of the situation right now.

Naomi's broken some part of the power adapter for her laptop yet again. Either it's shoddy work on HP (or Targus's) parts, or, more likely, she's just being stupid with it. Thankfully though, in the meantime, I was able to remember Dad's password (in the bathroom, of all places). His super-secret combination of characters consists of "j", "l", "l", "n" and "&". Although I doubt it makes sense to anyone but him, so security by obscurity, I guess :p

The funniest part of the whole thing was being down here, and telling Naomi that I wasn't going to log her on to Dad's computer just so she could chat. Mom said it herself too. It's her (Naomi's) life. Sadly enough, it's the truth. I know I can't exactly talk, given how much I've "devoted" to other things (tails, perhaps? <3), but anyways, after I said that, she took off the rubber gloves she was using for washing dishes, threw them on the floor, and stomped all the way upstairs bawling. Like I told Mom, if she's going to fly into that much of a rage / fit of despondency (yet another obscure Mary Poppins reference) over such a thing, it's time to think about whether there is actually a problem or not.

I offered to let her use the computer down here for MSN and MSN only (I know she likes to use mIRC as well), then she snapped at me about how she didn't want to use "Your crappy computer". Heh. Take it if you can get it Naomi. I'm not too up on the idea of letting you use it at all, but I just don't want you stomping around the house in a bad mood all night.

So anyways, enabled the guest account on Dad's laptop, downloaded and installed Windows Live Messenger and mIRC, and she's most likely chatting away upstairs right now. I really need to get it through Mom's head that she should have one free day with it, but tomorrow, before she does anything else, actually gets on HP's website or something and sees about getting a replacement. I quickly and easily found a page where she can fill in her information and such, and expect a reply back within an hour, so she can just use that. All it really comes down to is her not just getting away scot free with this. If she wants to be able to use her laptop again, she has to show some responsibility, and willingness to actually see whether such a thing is possible or not. I know once Dad gets back from Indonesia, he's not going to let her use it, so she's really lucky right now.

And speaking of which, it's now been a week, and I still haven't been able to do what I wanted. Tonight though. Adam has to work tomorrow (so do I, unfortunately, but not 'till 8), so it'll work out nicely~

Otherwise, yeah, just getting up, but rather early, considering. Actually got a decent sleep (with one of my thicker blankets too - imagine that :s), which could've been better, had Naomi not felt the need to wake me up, but meh. And ugh... times like this that I'm sorry I helped her earlier. Adam just said something about finding out where his keyboard went. Apparently Naomi took it, because she wanted to see if she could use it with her computer. Yeah. Sure. I honestly can't say I've noticed anything go missing from my room lately, but she's not doing a very good job of hiding the fact that she still does steal stuff :\

Just had her come down here and fill out that form on HP's site, and as expected, you're informed after you submit everything to expect a "System generated acknowledgment" within an hour. Amazing what they call form letters these days :x

I've got something else to try for now though~
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Now This is Why...

I never get anywhere regarding my tails. Mom just asked me "And what are those big fur things up on your chair?" Responded with "Exactly what they look like", then "Nothing you need to worry about". She seems to think they're "Cool / interesting", so meh :3 Makes me wonder what she'll say whenever the giant one's finished and gets here :p Speaking of which, I have something like $61.50 tucked away upstairs, which should be plenty for now. I figure the other tail cost me $7.50 when it actually got here, and was 3 feet long. Multiply that by 4, and you get 12 feet, which is the length of the giant tail (or so I assume, seeing as that's what the other one was), so multiplying the price by 4 as well gives $30 as a possible total. So for now, I plan on just waiting 'till I hear again from SPark, hopefully something about it being finished, and how it'll be shipped off on the closest Friday, then going to the bank, and withdrawing $40, to bring it up to $100. I figure no matter how much, that should be plenty :s

I also can't help but think though that for a $100 (just for the sake of rounding) tail, I had to pay $7.50, so then for one that's $300, you'd think I'd only have to pay $22.50. Well, whatever the case, $100 should be more than enough.

Anyways, meh. Naomi's been upstairs in Dad's room all day now, which is sad. She just asked me to log into Dad's account so I could move a couple files into mIRC's folder, and I noticed she's already got everything looking all ugly. It's really funny seeing her put so much work into customizing her desktop when all I have to do is disable the guest account, and everything will be gone. I don't think she realizes it actually~ And on the topic of customization, finally got Windowblinds 5.5 working. Involved the little "workaround" with NewSID.

Thinking about heading up to 7-11 in a bit too (or maybe Sobeys, depending on what it's like out), but for now, it's back to boredom~
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So I was just at 7-11, where I got, among other things, some can of "Cheetah Power Surge Caffeine Free Energy Drink". I spy a contradiction, but that's not the point. Along with it, I got some little scratch and win card. Scratched it upon getting home, and I appear to have won. Text is as follows: "CONGRATULATIONS! YOU'VE WON A STEELBACK GRAND PRIX OF TORONTO 3 DAY GROUNDS ADMISSION TICKET". Yes, it's all in caps. I know ;_;

Anyways, assuming it's not some sort of "Everyone's a winner" thing, why are the only things I win with this sort of stuff things I wouldn't want in the first place? Feh. I should give it to Steve. I know he's into the whole racing thing. I want one of these 20" / 46" flatscreen monitors they have listed. Oh, what bad good luck.

There is, however, a skill testing question on the back, which is:

[ (20 x 5) - 56 ] / 11 + 16

I figured it was 20, and according to "Calculator" here, it is, so yay, I guess :p

Also got more than 20 Timbits at Tim Hortons, only because the lady didn't want to have only a couple of a single kind left. Good timing.

This random stuff is fun, no?
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