June 29th, 2007

*Much* Easier

To think before now, I had to wait a week for the money to get there. Just sent someone $50 from my Paypal account, and before I'd even finished writing an email to let them know, they'd sent one back saying thanks :p And as for what the money's for, well, it's a secret. At least for now~

Otherwise, just getting up from a very (very) broken up sleep. I'd be asleep for maybe half an hour or so, then wake up for a couple seconds, turn over, and go right back to sleep again. From about 12:00 on :\ Adam and Mom are nowhere to be seen right now, and I have a feeling Naomi's still upstairs using Dad's laptop. Meh. When Mom gets home, I plan on asking her if Naomi's done anything else about getting a replacement power pack, and depending on what the response to that is, I might have to check about the possibility of putting a password on the guest account.

Ah. They were out at Staples and Shoppers. Naomi's carrying some big bag half the size of her around though, so what the hell did she get? Mom says she did indeed get a new power pack though, so I guess I will have to go back upstairs again in a bit :p Feh.

So, walking to work tonight, which is going to be a bit different, because normally when I have to walk, I have something to eat when I get there, but tonight we're having Shake 'n Bake chicken or something, so yeah. I suppose that means I can either have an extra half hour to sit in the dining room, or just leave at 7:20 instead.

... or maybe not. The new power pack doesn't work after all~ So maybe this will teach you a lesson Naomi. When you have something that's worth $2,000, be careful with it. Three words that'd have saved you all these problems. Yes, I know that I didn't really see her doing stupid things with it, but she has duct tape on it somewhere, and I believe that says something...
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