June 30th, 2007

Sun's Coming Up...

And I'm just getting home :x Well, not *just*. More like 5:30 or so, which was bad in itself.

See, first we were ridiculously busy to begin, but also, at the end of the night, Michelle had quite literally no idea of what she wanted done. I took down hot line, cleaned up line in general, stocked drive through, rotated the torts, and prepped up a bunch of chicken (spicy and regular) and steak. They're going to have some problems with that tomorrow, because there was absolutely no chicken left in the walk-in, and therefore, the stuff that's in there now is technically not ready to be used 'till after 5:00 in the morning on Saturday. It was a refreshing change being the only one in the store that knew exactly what needed to be done though :3

So tomorrow night, it's me, Mark, Manoah, Markie. I think Steve might be working too, but I'm not completely sure.

Otherwise, yeah. I'm amazingly tired right now, so I really should get to bed (preferably before the sun's all the way up). Adam's going to be getting up soon as well, so the timing couldn't be better~
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