July 3rd, 2007

Something I Never Thought I'd See

"Paid Account, expiring 2008-01-03".

Yeah. I realized I still had ~$28.00 in my Paypal account, and outside of this, I couldn't think of any other reason to keep it there, but then I realized "Hey, I've always wanted to try some of those themes that you have to have a Plus account for, but I don't want to have the ads there." Instead of opting for the $5 for two months option, I chose the $15 for 6 month one, which obviously wasn't the best choice, but oh well :p

The only thing it's really come in useful for so far was finding this community. Yes, it was just made back in March, but I still couldn't help but chuckle when I saw it. I'm well aware who created it too, but still :3

And as for the layout(s)... well, feh. Several were quite eye catching, but most (if not all) had annoying empty space on the left and right of the page, and although I'm sure that's quite fixable, I really wasn't in the mood to figure out how to do so. So this one right here is a cross between Refried Paper and Fleur Brown. It looks... alright (I suppose) for the time being, but also really hackish. Heh. According to Firefox's spell checker, that isn't a word (but obviously "Firefox's" is :s), and yet I just found proof quite quickly that it is indeed. "Said of something that is or involves a hack." Sounds about right to me~

Anyways, now I have to find Adam's wired controller for his 360, because I have the strong urge to try and play Half-Life 2 with that. Let's see...
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If She's Not Going to Reply Back...

I guess I just don't have to go in this week. It's now been two days since I emailed Michele, and the only other guess I could make is that she's on vacation right now (quite possible), so meh. Unless I hear back from her by tomorrow, I have other plans.

See, got to thinking earlier this morning about the trips we used to go on (mostly for family reunion type things), and one of the things we always did in the morning, without fail. Went to McDonalds for breakfast. Something about that was just... pleasing and satisfying. The trip wouldn't have been the same without it :3 Not to mention those trips in and of themselves were fun (for the most part). So anyways, I realized that I'm almost always (still) up early enough to go there one of these mornings, so yeah. Not regularly or anything, but provided Michele doesn't email me by tomorrow, I think I will see about going there Thursday morning or something.

Adam wants to use the computer in front of me here though, so it's time to play more Guitar Hero II.
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One of the other things I did last night was downloaded that Michael Jackson prank movie from Zug. Paid the $2.00 just fine, but then I started having problems, so I sent them an email, and woke up this afternoon to find a reply sent back, with an apology and link to where I could download it. Said link was protected by some "Linklok" thing, but I was able to make out that the filename was "michael_jackson_prank_unrated", followed by the appropriate extension (hint: it was a Quicktime movie). With that bit of information, I was able to find where the movie was stored on their site / server. Thank God it was only $2.

But anyways, it's 9:30, and I'm just waiting for Adam to go to bed so I can *sigh* wear one of my tails while doing the dishes. I know I said I was going to keep it / them on regardless of whether anyone else came down, but that didn't work out. Mom, however, is still down in the basement watching TV, and she has asked in the past what they were, so I might just end up saying "*This* is what they are" whenever she comes back up. And it's also official. Dad gets home on Friday. Meh. If it's one thing I've realized while he was away, it's that walking home isn't always as bad as it seems. Even more so with a day off the next day, because that allows for stopping by 7-11 or Tim Hortons for snacks <3

And also, this is annoying. I want to play Majora's Mask, but I don't want to have to do all the stuff before Stone Tower Temple. Had a dream last night where someone wanted me to go through it on their game to get all the fairies (for the Great Fairy's Sword, of course), but on some condition that I had to do it on the first try. So we turned to look at a TV, where there was a smaller fairy explaining what had to be done, and giving a basic rundown of the temple. Thought to myself "I don't remember how to get all the fairies", then woke up. Now I want to play the game to see if I am able to still get all 15, but I've only just gotten out of Clock Town, so yeah :p

Now to do dishes...
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