July 4th, 2007

Couple More Things

Who is "billywarhol" and where did he come from? :o "wefeelfine" would seem to be the answer, in which case it's not *quite* as strange, but meh. What a subject line too. "taco" :p Now the count starts again~

And one other main thing for now. Something I noticed earlier tonight while looking over a copy of The Chatham-Kent Citizen that's been sitting on the chair in the kitchen for some time now, and noticed something odd. First of all, a picture to show what I'm talking about can be found here. Just as a warning, it's almost 1MB, which isn't really all that big considering, but keep that in mind.

The text underneath it is what bothers me. "Life" is an... "abstract" idea in itself, and although it's quite acceptable to say "He saved a 74-year-old man's life", it's not exactly something that can be "rescued". "Oh I rescued his life". It just doesn't sound right. Maybe if they removed "life" and the "'s" on "man's", or replaced "rescued" with "saved" it'd sound better, but yeah.

It's very fun to do. Listen to what people say or find something to read and pick out all the grammatical mistakes and oddities in it :3 For example, Manoah likes to respond with "A who?" to anything I say about a particular object that he doesn't hear at first. I constantly tell him it should be "A what?", but it's now gotten to the point where he does it just because he knows what I'll say :p

So anyways, yeah. Work tonight at 8, and I've got no clue who I'm working with (possibly Ange, but more likely Michelle), and like I did the night me Josh and Adam went to see that movie first, I plan on sticking my uniform in a bag, and getting changed once I get home. I fully plan on stopping by Tim Hortons or 7-11, but not before going to the bank so I can determine how much spending money I'll have after the rest of the... deductions are taken away from whatever I get paid. I really should get my uniform in the wash before then though, so I suppose I'll do that, then try to get to bed (or so I hope) a little bit earlier for once~
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