July 10th, 2007

I Know I don't *Need* it But...

Talking about this. Who do you think "scine" is? :3 Only problem with that is that if I do win the auction, I won't have the money immediately available (unless I get a money order). Already sent an email off to Chesh to make sure that was okay though, so now I just have to wait for a reply.

That aside, the only thing I've really done since I got home was trying to find a torrent of that Transformers movie for Josh. Someone at work told him tonight that it could be found on "alluc.org", but apparently it was flash embedded, as evidenced by him asking "How do you download flash movies from websites?" Took a look at the site, and the links to where it was on Filefront are there, but the actual files are removed, so yeah. Found one with 1300 seeders (although I'm only connected to 34 of them), and right now the ETA is 5 hours, so maybe tomorrow night we'll just walk home, and I'll find some way of getting it to him.

So work. Annoyingly busy (for a Monday night), with a new problem. Josh took Steve and I to the back as soon as we got in there, and said something about hot line not having been turned oninthe morning, and that therefore meaning all the food on it wasn't at proper temperature. Apparently he should've closed the store right there and then, until the food was back up to temp, but no. When you consider who opened though, it makes sense. Michelle did. Why the hell did they think Michelle would be able to handle things by herself on an open? I know I close with her one of these nights coming up though, so yay. Really, yay.

But for now, I'm sitting here watching Ratatouille again (a horrible cam version), and I'm very hungry too, so I'm going to find something to eat~
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Some "Lauren" just phoned for me, wanting to know if I'd be willing to sell rubber duck (why the hell are "u" and "i" next to each other) tickets this year. I did two years back, once at Sobeys, and once at that Zehrs store out by Walmart that's since been closed. Can't remember why I did it then, but it worked out nicely because it allowed me time to get Josh a birthday gift.

They phoned me as well last year, but that turned into a long drawn out "Well, I'll probably be able to, but I'd have to check the schedule at work first", and I wasn't about to do that again this year. Just told her "Well, I don't think I'd be able to just because of work", so meh.

It wasn't terribly difficult or anything, but just no.

So anyways, work in 17 minutes. I know Michelle is the closing manager, but I'm not sure who else is on. Looking forward to tomorrow though, seeing as then, it's Mark, Steve, the newest Josh, and me there. I work 10 - 2 :s And apparently Uncle Brent is going to be down tomorrow as well, but so far, that's entirely to go to a funeral with Mom.

And as for the worry about having the money to pay for that tail (written about in my previous entry), I realized I'm really worrying too much. See, assuming I do win the auction (and given that there's only two hours left, there's a good chance), I have two options when it comes to paying for the tail.

1) Get a money order. It'd probably take at least a week to get there.
2) Pay with Paypal. Just "started" a transfer of $70 to it last night, and right now the expected clearing date is next Wednesday.

So either way, it'd take about a week to get the money to her.

... 5 minutes to go. Might as well head in a bit early~
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