July 17th, 2007

Sometimes I Wonder why I say Anything

Several people at work today asked me how I was doing, out of courtesy, to which I responded "Pretty good, but I am tired." Almost every single person had to make some crack about how I shouldn't stay up so late at night and such. Tried to explain that it's what I was used to doing, which got Manoah and Jerome to talking about what things would be like when I found a wife :x Sure guys. Whatever you say. Wasn't in any mood to argue with them though, so I just went back to bagging pans.

And as for the rest of the shift, as already said, I was ridiculously tired, and it just felt really weird being there so early in the afternoon. Thank you Jerome for asking me if I wanted to go home early, because I can't possibly imagine still being there right now.

No reply from Obliviousally, but I dunno. Looking elsewhere, it seems she's recently been occupied with thoughts / the possibility of moving, but even so, unless she hadn't shipped it at all yet, it doesn't make sense. And not having gotten a reply isn't helping matters either. It's been exactly eighteen days since she said "I'll ship it out as soon as possible". Six days after that, I sent her a reply saying "So sometime this week then?", and she still hasn't said anything to that either :\ I don't want to have to resort to asking her in her LJ, but I don't know how many options I'm going to be left with, should she not reply to what I sent her earlier today.

The *only* other possibility is that Naomi took it, and unfortunately, seeing as how she spends almost the whole day in her room now, I really haven't any opportunity to go up there and check. I swear to God, if she did, just... no.

And yeah. This is much better. It might be going on 2 in the morning, and I do have to be up for 10, but feh. I'm going to at least try to keep things on the same track as they used to be, even if I can't stay up quite as late. I might regret it near Friday or Saturday, but it's only for a week, so whatever.

I believe that's it though. Plan on going to bed as soon as I'm done watching this episode of Home Improvement here, and hopefully I'll have gotten a reply by the time I wake up. The main problem is that each day that goes by without getting anything makes me even more worried that something "unfortunate" may have happened, but then again, for all I know, it could be on it's way, and just have hit several snags. Blargh.
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Going to Be an Interesting Afternoon

Had planned on going back to sleep after I got home from feeding the dogs, but I wasn't tired enough, so I came down here, and now I'm at the point where I'm yawning, so yeah :x

Still nothing in the way of the current problem, but I had a dream in which I finally got it, then quickly realized that it was too good to be true, and woke up shortly after that. Strangely enough though, in the dream, the box was quite a bit heavier than I'd actually expect it to be, as well as it was already open, but was closed in the way where you fold the first three flaps over each other, then tuck the last one underneath the first. Oh details~

Sent her another email, this time consisting of a single word: "*poke*". Figure I'll keep that up every couple days until either she replies back, or we reach the end of the month. Should the latter happen though, I plan on sending one last thing along the lines of "It hasn't arrived yet, so maybe you know where it is, but probably not. If and when it does show up, I'll let you know, but until then, thanks anyways." I notice over here that getting a phone number is a possibility, but I don't want to have to take it that far.

Gave Naomi's room a thorough glance when she was down here earlier, and saw nothing that looked like it might've held a tail, so I'm going to assume she didn't take it. That's one possible option taken care of, I guess.

Feh. At least we get our pay stubs today. Went to the bank last night to check how much I had left in my account, and apparently there's still something like $4,600, but I notice it didn't take into account the most recent transfer I started in Paypal, so maybe tonight or something. Sort of hope I don't get stuck on front cash, but I still do want to do the dining room, so it depends on what the supper manager says. Even if I'm just on stuff or expedite or something.

And yay. Sounds like it's raining out. Might very well make for a short second visit to Josh's house. That whole thing's reached the point now where it's not so much "How am I going to manage all of this" as "This is really a pain but I know I can do it", so it's looking even more like what I figured before - by the time I get fully used to it, they'll be back from the wedding, so yeah :p

Mom wants to go though, so I really should~
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Renewed Hope

Sorry for the late reply. The package was sent out within the last week, I wasn't able to get it out until after Anthrocon.

Indeed. Like I told her in reply though, that's pretty much what I figured, and I just wanted to make sure, so it's back to waiting for now. "Within the last week" isn't as accurate as I'd like, but then again, I've got nothing to go on concerning how long it'd take to get here, so whatever. And of course, now I've got something else to worry about.

Earl asked me earlier today if I'd close Friday night, and after telling him no, because I wanted to have two days in a row off, he offered to give me Thursday and Sunday night off, meaning I now work 4 - 12 tomorrow, have Thursday off, Work 9 to close on Friday, then have Saturday and Sunday off. At first I was worried about how I was going to manage to keep from getting too tired, but I noticed something curious at work today. From about 5 to 8, I was tired, to the point where I was having a hard time focusing on whatever I was doing, but then after 8, I noticed I was starting to feel more and more alert and awake.

My schedule for going over to check on the dogs won't work in that situation though, so here's what I'm thinking of doing. Friday morning, get up at 9, go over and feed them, then go back home, and sleep 'till 4. Get up and go over to feed them again, and if necessary afterwards, go back to sleep for another 2 or 3 hours. Then as long as I stay active at work, I should be alright. Don't know what I'm going to do about feeding the dogs Saturday morning, aside from just staying up and going there at 9 again, but I've still got a couple days to think about that.

I am pretty tired right now though, so I might as well play N for a bit, then probably just go to bed.
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