August 26th, 2007


Jesus Christ, Josh. Screw off. While 6:30 in the afternoon may be a little bit late to sleep in, I did have the night off so the only thing I was really hurting was myself. Fine and dandy.

Hah. Josh thinks I don't want to go out into the kitchen and eat because he's calling me names. Far from. So here's what happened:

I'm laying in bed, having some sort of dream about Starforce Leo, when suddenly I hear someone say "ding", and open my eyes just enough to see a big black thing standing next to me. So of course I try to instinctively scoot away from whatever it is, then "it" laughs, and I realized it was Josh. Said he was hoping I'd have one of those guided sort of dreams, so he'd be able to make a dinging noise, followed by static, and have me think I was at work, and I had to take someone's order in drive through.

So then he tells me to get up, because he wants to go see Superbad at 7, which has turned to 9 now, left my room, and I just sort of laid there being all pissed off.


Knock first, or get someone else to wake me up. Period. He's lucky I had a blanket covering me when I came in.

And of course, had another dream where my tails arrived. The kitsune tails were in some sort of vaccuum bag, and there was another one of those Shoppers slips for the giant tail, with the "reason" on the back listed as being "too large" for "personal" delivery.

Now he's changed his mind too. Apparently he has to clean his Mom's room tonight. I've seen her room before. So much animal print stuff you might swear she's a furry too. Going to post this though so I can do other things. What Josh did was just too stupid to not say anything about though.
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God that was Long

Long, and boring. Ugh. There was one part I liked. The scene in the cooking class. I'm sure that if you've seen the movie, you'll know what specific part of it I'm talking about :3

But otherwise, yeah. Boring, long, exactly what I said at first. I just don't understand the whole appeal of the alcohol, and, on a smaller scale (at least in the movie) drugs thing.

I'm not just going to sit here in the living room all night, so it's time to go find something to do. Probably just play more Starforce Leo, now that I think of it~

Edit: horrifingly terrible pun: I guess that's why it's called "Superbad". Name didn't make much sense 'till now.
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