August 29th, 2007

What to Do...

Beat Starforce Leo this morning, in an extremely close battle that involved me having to use the DrknesHole chip / wave / whatever they're called in the game, but it's all the same in the end, so meh. Rather anticlimactic end to the game too. I was expecting a battle with the FM King or something, because it would make sense. Sonia shows up after you finish the battle with Andromeda, to say "Don't give up", etc., so she could've healed you, giving you a chance to have another battle.

Like, in Battle Network 2, you had to fight the fake version of Bass before you could face Gospel, as I'm sure you had to do in one or two of the other games (can't remember right now), but I guess they decided to not carry that over.

So I tried going into the DeepSpace areas, but apparently I can't fully explore them 'till I've fought the "FMians'" SP forms, which is going to take a bit of time.

There's also a dead pixel in the upper right corner of the top screen of my DS too. Wonderful.

But yeah. Trying to stay up this morning as well, because there's one sliver of hope for getting my tails today, in that the first one I got from SPark arrived on a Wednesday, and today is Wednesday as well. Almost certainly a coincidence, but I don't have to be to work 'till 9, so why not. And speaking of work, got a call from Jerome earlier tonight, wanting to know if I could come in, because Manoah hadn't shown up, but then apparently he did right as he picked up the phone. Indeed. Things like that only further what I may or may not have said before: Manoah is late far too often. It's impossible to say that the thought of leaving earlier hasn't crossed his mind at least once. And he wonders why the managers seem to have it in for him.

I really want to go to bed too though. Slept in 'till 6 once again, which is utterly ridiculous, but it was strange as well. Didn't know when I fell asleep (that's nothing new, really), and wasn't even aware that I was asleep (most of the time I have a dream where I realize I am), and didn't so much as wake up once from when I went to bed 'till when I got up. And on the first point, it is curious. I've wondered for a long time what exactly happens when one falls asleep. I've tried to pinpoint the exact time, etc., but the closest I've been able to work out was that I was awake, then fell asleep without even knowing it. I'd more think at least once in a while you'd realize you were falling asleep, but I guess not.

Random facts and musings aside though, I have dishes to do in the kitchen, so I might as well get busy.
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Just woke up, and yes, it's 6:30, meh.

However, Adam just brought a big 'ol box into my room and said "This came for you in the mail".

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^ what I'm assuming the customs fees were, given that they were in the same place on the slip as the amount was on the slip for the other tail I had to pay for. However, that's where the weird thing comes in.

I specifically told Dad to wake me up if and when a box came for me, because I had the money to pay for them, and so on. Never was. Also, from what Adam said, the box was already here when he got back from work. So someone must've brought the box into the house, and thus must've had to pay the $50.

So I dunno. Maybe Dad payed for it. I honestly can't picture him carrying around more than $20 at a time in his wallet, but anything's possible, I guess. Anyways, assuming he did, that's fine with me. I can just pay him back the money and be on my merry way. After all, I'll still have $100 left hidden up in my room :3

Would take a picture of it, but Dad hid his digital camera when he left for work (or so I assume), so that'll have to wait 'till I get back from work myself. Meh. I think I'll manage :p

And as for work, Mark's back today. Only there 'till 8, but he's back, which is sort of strange, because from what Manoah was saying, he didn't even want to come back - something about he prefers working at one job for a certain period of time, then moving on to another one, and since he started working at Taco Bell is the longest he's held a job.

Time to go eat though~
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