September 8th, 2007

Great Question

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Hmmph. The only thing I remember is that coniferous trees is that they're of the type that have needles on them, or stay green all year long, if I remember correctly. I also have the strong feeling that either it is a legit question, or just someone trying to say "Hey I know the difference and you don't hahaha". What significance it has is beyond me, but then again, that's their problem.

... and yeah. Not exactly a week, but whatever. Didn't quite solve any of my problems, but I did figure out a couple things that'll help should it happen again. One is that I don't have to type out every single minute detail of my life into here, since that's probably one of the reasons nobody appears to be reading it.

There is one bothersome thing on my mind right now though.

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Made quite a bit of progress in Metroid Prime Corruption though (up to having to find more energy cells to power things in the Valhalla), so I'm going back to that. Plan on staying up to go to McDonalds for breakfast, given that I have coupons upstairs on my top bunk, but after that, we'll have to see.
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