September 23rd, 2007


I wonder if I can stay up 'till 10 in the morning then. Trials and Tribulations is supposed to be out today, but it's Sunday, and EB Games rarely ever gets games right on launch day, so...

Also thinking of looking for Star Ocean: Till the Ends of Time again, because there's a thread about it over on 420chan that got me really thinking about playing it again, but I haven't seen it since Chanelle and whoever that guy was with her were over a long time ago (see the entry a ways back titled "OMFG") :p

I notice Amazon's Canadian site has the guide as well, so provided EB Games has the game itself, I might ask Mom to order that for me, on the condition that I pay her back. I know I have that Visa card still hidden up in my room, but I'd rather not use that. And besides, a new copy is only $21 CAD, which isn't bad at all. Tales of the Abyss is still going rather well, considering I haven't played it in some time either. Up to just having to finish up some sidequests in Keterburg before going to Grand Chokmah (I think that's the name of the city), so yeah.

But anyways though, have to be at work for 5 this afternoon, which means I need to be in bed by 8 at latest, so for now, I'm going to try to finish up level 2 of free mode on Picross DS, then possibly go into the living room and finish up those other things~

One More Ridiculous Thing Concerning Work

There's a button on all the tills right now that's just white. Nothing on it, and as best as I can remember, the most recent thing it was labeled had something to do with a nacho cheese double decker combo. But since a couple months ago or so, it's not been used for anything, but tonight, we found out what they plan on doing with it.

At some indeterminate time in the future, they (as in the people at Twintac / Twincorp) plan on having us start to ask for $1 donations for world hunger or something. Indeed. And that's on top of the upselling and whatnot that we have to do already. It seems like an utterly stupid (and ironic) idea right now, but I suppose, like everything else, once people get warmed up to it it won't be a problem.

Well, that, and they also plan on leaving a container by front cash for people to put their change in. The thought's nice, but right now all I can think of is the company keeping the money for themselves. We found out something else the other night, that involved Pepsi having given each store $4,000 or some amount close to that to replace the pop systems. However, one of the higher-ups in the company went and bought a plane with said money. Yeah. It sounds a bit unbelievable, and it did come from Josh, so chances are it's a rumor started by someone else, but there you have it. Oh, and for what it's worth he also said that Pepsi plans on suing the guy, which is fun :3

Now I go back to my puzzle.