September 25th, 2007

Uh Oh

My throat's starting to feel rather sore now. Several people called in sick tonight, and I fear it may not be long before I do as well. Feh. Knowing my luck it'll be the worst on Friday and / or Saturday, and those are the two days I have off this week. I was originally going to attribute it to the amount of second hand smoke I ended up inhaling tonight, and although that could be part of it, just being sick sounds alot more likely.

It was quite dead tonight though (one customer in the last hour or so), giving us quite a bit of time to sit down and do whatever. Manoah got to playing Mario on my PSP, and decided he wants that on the one he's buying from me, so I need to go through those in a bit to find and remove the ones that don't work.

And on the topic of games, I'm rather miffed as well. Those pictures for Picross DS I submitted to GameFAQs? Rejected. Apparently the text FAQ covers it quite well already. Maybe it's just me, but aren't pictures alot easier to go by than text diagrams? Hmph. I still plan on finishing them, if only for my personal use though.

I really ought to get that stuff going for Manoah though. He was supposed to send me a list of songs to put on it as well, but he hasn't. Meh. I can always ask him again tomorrow.

Should I Call in Sick?

It's sort of sad that even though I'm sick, I'm still reluctant to call in. This is how I see it though.

Mark was supposed to close last night, but he called in. They weren't able to get anyone else to cover his shift except for Michelle, who'd already worked a full shift. Mark's supposed to close again tonight, but could very well end up calling in again. Manoah's on the schedule to be there from 9 to close, but he has other things going on that will be keeping him busy 'till at least 10:30, and thus he's thinking about just calling in as is. Ugh. I mean, if it wasn't for the thought of screwing them over so badly, I would. I know I could probably still work in this condition (even though I know I shouldn't), but definitely on drive through, away from the food, and with a bit of difficulty at that, given that my throat's so sore.

But anyways, EB Games still doesn't have Trials and Tribulations in, which sucks, but I did just buy Star Ocean yesterday, so if Tales of the Abyss gets horribly boring, I can always go to the other game. Up to Shurrey Hill right now, which I'm going to continue on as soon as I finish typing this, but yeah.

Well, there we go. Just go a reply from Michele saying she's in London tomorrow anyways. No way I'm going to Heart and Stroke like this. Last time I did was terrible. All I remember was that I was taking receipt books out of boxes, and reorganizing them or something. Bleh.

... and I just can't do it ;_; I'm sure we have some sort of medicine up in the bathroom though, so hopefully it'll kick in by the time I have to leave.
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