October 1st, 2007

Oh Hoh

Good God, is Rob (aka. "Cylon Lover" on XBOX Live) getting on my nerves. He and Adam like to play various games together online. Recently it's been Halo 3. Fine. However, they like to whine about the game being laggy, and it's gotten to the point where he's told me to do various things with my laptop, or to "stop downloading the porno", or to reset the modem.

When I was on the phone tonight to tell Dad we were ready to be picked up, Adam came on, and said he was going to bed, and that when I got home I'd have to figure out why the wireless internet wasn't working. All I told him then was that I'd see what was wrong, and to not listen to Rob if he told him to do anything with it anymore.

After dropping Josh off, Dad said there was a problem too. Two people telling me there's a problem before I even get to take a look at it.

Then I actually got home and Naomi told me the exact same thing. Three.

Just as they said, as far as anyone's computer (or the Wii, even) was concerned, the connection everyone used before no longer existed. Not only did he (Adam) close my laptop, when I had torrents for which I was the uploader seeding, but he actually reset the modem, with the little button on the bottom. The problem was easy enough to solve (just had to go through the basic setup, and choose the old WEP key again), but so annoying. Sent Rob the following email though:

"Although it's not my place to dictate what you can and cannot do with your games / 360s, please *don't* instruct my brother ("Remnant") to reset the modem. If you absolutely have to, tell him to turn the power off for 10 seconds or so, then turn it back on. It makes quite a difference, and saves me the hassle of having everyone come to me at once saying "the wireless internet's not working".


Yeah. Maybe he'll send an equally pissed-off reply back, but whatever. I was going to say something about not sacrificing my stuff just so they can play their game(s) at the fastest speed possible, but that probably wouldn't help.

And what's more, went upstairs to grab a bag of candy from my top bunk, and on the way up, Naomi opened her door, and said "Thank you... for fixing it." She really meant it too. That's sort of sad, actually, but meh.

As for work, decent enough, considering I had to do all the dishes, and wasn't feeling the greatest thanks to something I ate earlier in the day. Ange is supposed to close tomorrow night, so right now Steve suspects that either Jess will be hanging around most of the night (even though she doesn't work there anymore), or Ange will call in sick or something. I'd have to agree with him, but we'll see tomorrow night, I suppose.

Anyways though, almost finished level 5 of Free Mode on Picross DS, so I'm going to try to do those last couple puzzles. I think level 6 is 20x20 too. Fun :s
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Not What I Was Hoping for, But...

Received two emails while I was sleeping. One from Amazon.ca, with the subject line "Treat Yourself This Halloween". Oh I plan to. It's going to be fun wearing a tail around everywhere and having a perfectly good reason for doing so. The other one was from one "Miss Jennifer Abend". She starts off by asking how I and / or my family is doing twice, only putting a question mark at the end of the second sentence, then goes on to tell me that she's been poisoned to death by business associates, and that she has an ungodly sum of money in the bank that nobody knows about, aside from her. Spam is really fun :3

But while I'm on that general subject, something from work last night. A truck pulled up to the window, in which there were two girls. I took their money, gave the driver the change, then she motioned at the passenger, and said "My friend wants to know if you'll put your phone number in the bag." Didn't really know how to say "No" at that point, so I just sort of mumbled "sure", and walked down to line. Scribbled "354-6232" on the back of the receipt. It's Heart and Stroke's number. Sure, there's a slight, slight chance that they'll phone up on Wednesday and ask specifically for me, given that I had my nametag on, but that seems more like one of those things that's easily forgettable. And even so, unless we're dealing with a computer problem that involves someone in the Windsor office calling us, nobody really asks for me. But interestingly enough, that makes four or five people now that have told me I have a "beautiful voice" (in one lady's case), or start asking personal questions.

I'm not the only one though. Josh got asked for his number a while ago too, and he wrote down "351-7485" - Taco Bell's number. Not really the smartest choice :s

Also, rain. Now it just needs to get a bit colder and we can have snow <3

Oh, and further developments on last night's internet problem. I noticed while writing a note to Adam on the other computer that an installer for mIRC was on the desktop. Asked him about it just now, and apparently Naomi downloaded it. She told him she knew people that could help fix the problem. Indeed. She said the same thing before when she wanted the password for the modem because some program was preventing her from connecting to the internet and everyone else had her convinced the modem was at fault at first.

It's only quarter to though, so I might be able to finish Level 6 before I have to leave for work. I am averaging about 15 minutes per puzzle though, which I suppose isn't all bad.