October 4th, 2007

What the Hell?

Tried to check my friends page just now, and it was blank. Reloaded a couple times. Still blank. Checked my profile. Suddenly I have nobody listed as a friend, and the "Friend of" field hidden.

So assuming it wasn't Adam or Naomi messing with my laptop (and God help them if they did), then what?

The modem's acting up too. This'll be the second time I've seen a message saying "We have detected that you do not have DSL connectivity to your Home Networking Modem", even though the light is clearly lit up.

Okay. The wireless connection is working again. Time to go fill out an abuse report. I don't know WTF happened, but hopefully someone can tell me when exactly those changes were made.

My apologies to anyone else that might've been affected by that :\ I know I might be getting a bit full of myself there, but it can't hurt to say.


Support request has been filed, so hopefully someone can shed some light on what exactly happened.

See if I leave my laptop open again though. I had tonight, just in case anyone decided they wanted to download one of the torrents I was seeding, but from now on, if such a thing happens, they're going to have to wait. The most likely cause of the problem right now would be Adam or Naomi messing around, like I already said...

Oh, well, there's something...

Wed, 03 Oct 2007 23:08:16 GMT
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 6.0; en-US; rv:
Gecko/20070914 Firefox/

Yep. Same IP address as my previous session, but the time is a dead giveaway. Someone must've been messing with my laptop. So I suppose the simplest solution in this case would be to just log out before I leave for work. Either that, or switch users, because I'm pretty sure uTorrent still works, just so long as you haven't actually logged out.

Changed my password to one from this page, and I'm currently in the process of creating a list of all my passwords for various sites on my spare 2GB memory stick, in a TrueCrypt volume, which will only be "plugged in" when I need access to them. Also managed to finally get that bandwidth limiting program working for Naomi's computer, so she's finally limited to 10KB/s, and if she pulls something else like she did tonight, she's going to be losing her internet connection period unless Dad or Mom say otherwise.

But as for other things (work, mainly)...

Closed with Mark, Teresa, and Amanda tonight. Terrible shift. Amanda closes again tomorrow night, but I'm there before her, so I plan on asking if I can be on drive through, although I doubt it'll happen. Steve's done at 3, and if he agrees to stay to close there shouldn't be a problem, but otherwise, I dunno.

Tonight was just bad because originally it was only Mark, Amanda, and then me. Amanda was supposed to be on drive through, but then Teresa came in, and they got to talking, and she (Amanda) told her that she was really nervous about being on drive through alone and such. Apparently she has some problem with reading, where everything seems all mixed up (in Manoah's words), but still... Not saying anything really doesn't help anyone.

Then at the end of the night, the two of them were doing dishes, so it made sense that it shouldn't take them too long to get them caught up. They did about half of what was there, then decided to take out the garbage, even though that's usually left 'till we're done everything else.

Oh, and what's more, at some point during the night, someone dumped a bunch of hot and mild sauce packets, along with several fry boxes on the hood of Mark's car. Teresa and Amanda asked me twice (I swear to God) if I'd done that.

So no. Not only is she terribly selective about the stuff she does and doesn't do, but I don't appreciate people asking me if I did something that I obviously didn't do. The only time I went outside was to put my hat in the mailbox after we'd closed, and that was only for a couple seconds. Seriously. Don't like closing (or working, really) with Teresa, but Amanda could go either way yet.

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Never Let it be Said that I was a Morning Person

Got woken up at 11, went and got our pictures taken, then had to walk home, because Dad seemingly couldn't wait and just had to go to the library. Thanks. Thanks alot.

Asked Adam what time he went to bed last night though. He says 11:50. Interesting. I still suspect Naomi more then him, but if he's to be believed, she wasn't touching it either. Feh. Going back to sleep for now, but when I wake up, I plan on saying to her "Do you like having a connection to the internet? Stay out of my room, and keep your hands of my laptop, and it'll stay that way. Otherwise, you're losing it."

Heh. It's a pity most keyloggers would be detected as spyware by any scanners, or else I'd install one, and start it up only when I left for work.

Well, actually, no. On the off chance that she wasn't the one that made those changes, I'd be asking for trouble if I said that to her. Feh. I suppose I've changed my passwords for now though, and do plan on at least switching users whenever I have to leave the room or whatever, so for now, we'll just wait and see. I sent email to that guy she had send me that $80, asking if she'd said anything to him or anyone else in that IRC channel she's always in about messing with her brother's computer, and I suppose all I can do for now is wait for a reply, assuming his Paypal email is the same as his regular email address.

Back to sleep~ Don't know who's going grocery shopping later on this afternoon, but even if I am, I should still be able to get another 4 hours or so.

Two More Hours

Josh starts at 7, I start at 8, then Steve and Amanda start an hour after that, at 9, I believe. We're going to be putting the order away tonight. That's one thing for certain. Unless it's really, really dead, but given that it's the first Thursday of the month, I don't think it will be. And after thinking a bit more about asking to be on drive through, I really can't see it working out that well. Like I already said, if Steve agrees to stay 'till close, there won't be a problem.

It's just that Amanda can't do drive through by herself, and she's not yet at the point where she can reliably be on line the entire night either. What I'm thinking of right now is that suggesting that while Steve is still there, she can help him on line, and at the end of the night, I'll get line taken down and cleaned up, while she works on whatever dishes I didn't get a chance to do. Knowing it though, Josh'll probably still have her on drive through, but he'll put a headset on so she can easily call for help, then have me and Steve on line, but hopefully Steve will manage it by himself while he can, so I can run around getting the walk-in rotated and dishes done and such.

And had a dream while I was sleeping where I confronted Naomi about what had happened with my friends list here, and she said that while she knew what the problem was, she didn't do it. Yeah. Still threw the rest of my peach candies at her upon walking out of the room, and said "Do you like these? You might as well finish them off now" I really need to see about getting a lock on my door. Either that or Dad and Mom need to see to it that she gets a job so she can start buying things she wants with her own money.

Might have to set her connection speed limit to 5KB/s when I get on the other computer though. She'll still be connected to the internet, so she can't whine and complain.

Negativity aside though, another update from chesh:

The white fur came in today. and WOW its really nice compared to what the other tail had. I cant wait to make it ^_^. I will be working on it tomarrow and off and on the rest of the weekend if need be. I really want to get this mailed out to you by tuesday.

Got one from Lionel too, saying that she did have everything she needed from me, and that it might be closer to the end of the month or so for delivery. 's all I needed to know :3

Last random thing for now though. Thinking right now about printing the first page of this site off. It was mentioned on the radio at work some time ago, and the general attitude towards it was "Redneck Snack Baskets? WTF?" Told Steve I'd take a look at it when I got a chance, and, well, yeah. Some of 'em do look pretty good, to be perfectly honest :p
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