October 6th, 2007

Another Change

Found the original picture while browsing through DeviantART earlier (something I now greatly regret doing), and added the text myself (obviously). Thinking about getting rid of the empty space at the end of it, but that can wait for now.

Also thinking about posting entries publicly again from now on. Who cares if Naomi can read them. If it's anything more private, I can just set it as "Friends Only". The very idea that someone's actually going to email me asking to be added to my friends list is preposterous, and that entry right at the top of the list is an eyesore too.

Oh, and Vista -> XP "transition" went pretty much alright. The only drawback is that I had to format the storage partition as well, but meh. I'll live. At least my desktop's tidier. See this and you'll know what I'm talking about.

So It's Thanksgiving Tomorrow

Yeah. Knowing my luck I'll have just enough time to wake up, have 10 minutes or so to eat, then leave for work. I personally don't really care about working on a holiday (it's time and a half, so hey), but at this point, I like my days off. But I suppose that seeing as I'm working this one, I won't work the next because they're not willing to shell out that much money to pay the people. And what's more, Teresa works tomorrow. Oh effing hell no.

Let it be known that I try to see the good side of people and everything first, because I cannot stand her. She doesn't want to do this, she doesn't want to do that, but oh wait, she only wants to do things that you don't want her to do. I'm not a manager, of course, so I have no authority to boss her around, but simple requests such as "Could you grab this or that" aren't a whole lot to ask no matter who they're coming from.

And if I seem a bit more... "brusque" today, well, I made the stupid decision to look up snow leopards on DeviantART last night. 200+ pages later, I was very pissed off and all once again. Although on the plus side of things I found that SPark had an account, and that she had posted pictures of that airbrushed tail there too. Checked out the comments, and someone had indeed asked if it was for sale, but got told that it had already been sold >:3 I know it's a rather petty thing to be happy about, but I believe the saying is "small victories" or something like that.

Oh, and I know full well you can read this, Naomi. Good for you too.

Looks like I've got a long night ahead of me though. Adam's got tomorrow off, and plans on staying up late. Fun -_-