October 20th, 2007

So that Other Order I've Been Waiting on for a While Now

Sent them an email a couple days ago saying "Any idea how much longer it'll be" in a nutshell, then got a reply back saying it shouldn't be too much longer, and that if I'd give them the name on the order, they'd make sure it got sent out as soon as possible. So I gave them my name, and just woke up to a reply saying "When did you place it? We don't have any records of a net order under that name."

Well, for one, if a "net order" is what I'm thinking it is, it wasn't one. I did email it to them, but printed out the order form and mailed it out along with my money order as per the instructions, but that's infuriating all the same. I have several emails from them now where I've asked how things were coming along, etc., and each and every time got told "Shouldn't be much longer now" and such. I mean, I would like to get something else from them as well, but I'm really undecided on doing such a thing now that this has popped up.

Still no reply from Rensis either, so I'm going to wait 'till I get home from work tonight, and if there's still nothing then, I'll give him a poke or something. There are many possible explanations for the delay right now, and if I keep worrying about it, it's going to turn out exactly how things did with obliviousally before, and I'd rather not get into that again. I shouldn't have said half the things I did, but it's too late to change that now.

But meh. 4 hours and 45 minutes before I have to be to work. No idea who I'm going to be closing with tonight, but it'll actually be a nice change from sitting inside the house all day. Hopefully Manoah's working though, so I can find out where the rest of my money is.
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