October 23rd, 2007

Muffins :3


To think it used to take me about half an hour to make those things, and still have quite a mess to clean up afterwards, and just there it took about 10 minutes, and all I had to do after they went in the oven was to wipe the counter down. Efficient.

Slightly less worry tonight as well. Rensis will be sending that tail out tomorrow (well, today), and I'll be notified when that other order goes out too. Still have a couple things going aside from that though, so now is a good time to make up a new list.

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And I think that's it. I'm supposed to be getting an email regarding #8 whenever they get my money order and ship the faceplate out, and after that, I think I will be ordering that projector, as well as a new analog nub for Manoah's PSP. He hasn't really been complaining about it too much, but I feel sort of bad charging $50 for it with that thing broken. Still have to get my other $22 from him though as well, but he's been having problems with his computer ever since he reinstalled XP, to the point where he actually called me at work tonight, and I told him to Google for Windows Updates and see about installing SP2. Apparently he can't connect to his MSN or Facebook, which is odd, because he can get on the internet fine otherwise. I don't see what (outside of spyware or something) is being so selective as to block a specific webpage. Might be going over to visit him on Thursday and to see about fixing the problem. I was the one that told him to try reinstalling XP in the first place (to fix some other problem(s) he had), so I feel partially responsible :s

Otherwise, yeah. 8 things. I do love getting stuff in the mail <3

Also, Halloween's 8 days away. As it gets closer, I'm getting more and more worried about what people might say, seeing as I plan on wearing one of my tails about, but right after that, I realize it's not about what other people think, but rather what I want, and if they don't like it, it's their own problem. Of course, when the actual day rolls around, I'll probably be even more reluctant to put one on, but right now I figure that the night before, I can tell whoever I see "Tomorrow you'll find out what those things on my chair are for." Cheesy, but it should work.

Now I'm going to enjoy my muffin (because by the time I wake up, the other ones will probably be gone), then go to bed. I want to wake up a bit earlier in the afternoon to accommodate going to Heart and Stroke on Wednesday morning, but that's about it~
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Got the First Thing

Got up at 4, and came downstairs to find a box on the computer table. A box from chesh :3 One of the corners is rather squished, but meh. It said "Air Mail" on it in big letters, so at first I assumed it was my faceplate here already, but I'm quite happy with what it actually is~

Was hoping EB Games would have Trials and Tribulations in today as well (seeing as it was supposed to be released on the 23rd), but they don't, so maybe tomorrow or something. It is sort of discouraging phoning them day after day after day, seeing as it's always the same guy that picks up (Jeff), but I suppose that saves me having to explain what game I'm looking for, and what system it's played on, then waiting for them to check their stock in the computer to see if they have it.

Rather dark and dreary and cold out today too, which I'm quite happy with <3 I would much rather have snow, but when we're not even into November yet, I think that's a bit unlikely.

I'm off to open the box though. Maybe once I get home from work I will post a picture.