October 31st, 2007

I Had a Feeling that Wasn't It

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Otherwise, 12:30. Down here in front of the other computer, with tail, ready to go to Heart and Stroke, but of course, it'd appear as if nobody else is up. Feh. Plan on stopping by Taco Bell later on tonight as well, because Manoah's going to be bringing in my XP CD for me, as well as I promised him I'd come in wearing my "costume" (yeah, it's just a tail, but I can't think of any other suitable word), seeing as I wouldn't tell him what it was last night.

We did, however, have an interesting conversation that started with him asking we were going to do today / night. As soon as I told him Naomi would probably just be sitting upstairs, oh, he would not let it go. So he's closing tonight, with Steve and Michelle, which is funny and annoying at the same time. At first it was Teresa, Steve, and Michelle. Honestly. Work the shifts you're scheduled for. The two of them (Teresa and Amanda) seem to want all the hours they can get, as evidenced by all the overtime Teresa kept picking up in the past, as well as the fuss Amanda put up last night when she got sent home because she had injured her wrist and not told anyone, but yet the opportunity for them to go to the bar or whatever comes up, and instantly it's like work is life-threatening or something. That's not necessarily the most... outrageous thing they've done, but to go any further would be an invasion of their personal privacy. It's something that's widely known at work, of course, but you tell me...

And there we go. Adam just called to get picked up from work so he can go get some lunch, and I told Mom that I have to go to Heart and Stroke afterwards.

Might as well get ready to go~

Some Afternoon

Walked in and was greeted by Lynn, who was coming out of Julie's office. Told her that because it was Halloween, I decided to wear something, but she couldn't tell what at first, so I walked to the other side of the counter. Her reaction? "Oh my...". Then she pulled on it as I was walking away, and later on in the afternoon, she asked me how I was able to sit down with it. Either right on, or tuck it in beside one of your legs.

So then I got to the board room table, where I was told to sit down to find out what we'd be doing. Nobody said anything then, but then I had to get up and go to the back so someone could show me something, and on the way, heard Michele laughing, and asking if I could "wag that thing for her". Do I look like a dog? Never have I once heard someone say "look at that snow leopard wag it's tail". Went back to the table, told them that at least I wore something, then she said one more thing after that, but I can't remember what it was. Nobody else had much to say after that, but I still plan on wearing it when I go to Taco Bell later, and any time something out-of-the-ordinary happens, the whole store knows about it the next day. Feh. I really don't care at this point.

I'd rather not have them assume the only time I'd wear such a thing would be Halloween, but I suppose I shouldn't take it for granted either. Found out our Christmas party for Heart and Stroke is going to be on the 14th, which is one day after my birthday, yet again :3 Will probably book that day off when I go in tonight, just to be safe. I know I don't actually *need* it off, but why not?

No Means No

So Teresa, Amanda, Josh, and some friend of theirs were just here. Took Adam out to The Tap, and they would stop at nothing with asking me to go. Their reasoning? "You're not going to find a girl just sitting around your house playing videogames all day." Ugh.

Setting aside that though, the main reason I don't want to go is money. I spend enough in a month as is. Perhaps I'm being antisocial, but I do not see the fun and / or enjoyment of going out to drink all night, when I have things to do at home. Not extremely important things per se, but still.

They've left now, but it must've been at least 10 times I told them I didn't want to go, and they would just not accept it. Teresa said, at one point "Well, we can't really force you", and all I could think after I heard that was "Thank you. It's nice to know that you understand what I'm getting at."

Still have to go to Taco Bell, and Josh reminded Manoah to bring my CD in, so it should be there. The "Offline NT Password & Registry Editor" on this page worked like a charm. Put it on my USB stick, set my password to "password", and within 10 minutes I had removed it. So assuming he hasn't been able to fix his current problem yet, I'll just tell him to let me know when a good time for him is, because if I'm going to let him use it, I'm going too. I'd rather not wait for as long as it's been to get my CD back again.

And as for that other order, and the problems that are currently going on with it... haven't received a reply to what I sent them yesterday, but I did send them another email explaining things from my point of view, and why I said what I did about just canceling the current order, and starting fresh with Paypal. Of course, it probably won't be until tomorrow afternoon that I get a reply from them (if at all), but at least I've explained things how I see them.

Mom should be back from picking Dad up soon though, then it's off to get some food~ I noticed a chicken burger still left in the fridge from last night's supper, but that'll probably be a snack for later :3
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No More Candy ;_;

Dad apparently plans on keeping the rest of it. Lord only knows why though. I plan on buying a box when we go grocery shopping tomorrow, however, and now that I have a lock on the door to my room, it shouldn't get stolen (like it did last year).

Went up to Taco Bell as planned though. Jake must think he's clever. He was taking some other customers' orders while I was trying to decide what I wanted, and out of nowhere he says (jokingly) "Umm... I don't know if you notice, but you've got a tail." Yes sir. For one day and one day only, it's my Halloween costume. Any other day, I have them because I'm a furry, and they're awesome <3 Told him that it was my "costume" (placing that sort of emphasis on the word), then he explained that his uniform was his, and that he was going as a Taco Bell employee. Told him it was very convincing, then Manoah came back up from the back, and handed me my CD, so I grabbed my tail, held it up, and said "This is my costume". They thought it was quite amusing, but that's fine :3

Have to send him an email in a bit to show him where to get that Vista Upgrade Advisor thing. Despite Jake and I both telling him that it was a bad idea to upgrade (apparently it came preinstalled on Jake's computer), he still wants it. Meh. I'm quite happy with XP, thank you. The only features I like in Vista are the search thing built right into the start menu, and the breadcrumbs navigation in the address bar. I know there's something for XP that provides the same functionality as the latter, but I don't know about the search thing.

Not too many trick-or-treaters tonight though. Mom said there were quite a few (in her words, "We're getting alot of business"), but I'd have to guess there were 15 or so in total. Then again, I went to bed at 4:30, and woke up an hour and a half later, so maybe a couple came during that span of time. It seems as if it started raining a little while ago too, so I suppose not many people would want to be out in that.

Whatever :x