November 2nd, 2007

Nosy Nosy Nosy

Just got up, and upon coming out of my room, Mom said to me "Naomi says you have my green flannel sheets on top of your bed. I need them back to change mine."

Fine. Whatever. There'll still be a white one left over, that I'm keeping. Once again though, that's a perfect example of something that makes me want to break down her door and do something unmentionable to her. How, outside of being in my room, did she know they were there? Sure, proving she was in there is not at all difficult anymore (just saying that she was is all that's necessary), but still.

Feh. Some sort of new bedsheets are one of the things I planned on getting off of eBay next, but I'd at least like to see $4,500 in my bank account before I do anymore big spending. At this point, I'm just using Mom's for things that aren't really important either. My bottom bunk looks like a tent, suffice to say, and the blankets draped down along all sides of it have to come from somewhere :3

But other main thing: The Stolen Turnabout has been completed. It's still sort of confusing though. Who is the "real" Mask*DeMasque? DeLite, I would think, because he started "being him", but why, outside of having an alibi for the night of the murder, would Atmey say he was too? Rather unsatisfactory ending as well though. You more or less knew who the real murderer was halfway through the final court session, and from then on had to do nothing but find evidence to prove it. It'd be nice if there was just some option to say "Here's who I think the real culprit is", then have to present however many pieces of evidence to back up your claim / answer questions. I suppose that'd take all the fun out of it though, and it'd only really be usable during the last day of the trial.

"Recipe for Turnabout" has an interesting beginning cutscene, so far. It was sort of creepy, laying up in bed in complete darkness (aside from the light coming from my DS, of course), and watching the thing where it suddenly turns "negative", then slides over to reveal someone else standing there. Someone whose hair looks suspiciously like Chief Gant's, but he should still be in jail. Meh. Might as well at least start the case to see who's involved in it.

Getting Interesting Again

Just who is that guy who showed up in Vitamin Square / Park (can't remember which it is right now)? He clearly stated "I'm Phoenix Wright", yet he's most obviously not. His hair also matches perfectly with what was seen in Maggey's flashback, if you will, which are probably the two biggest things right now.

He seems sort of dangerous, sure, but the only thing I can think of to link that to the case is that he threatened everyone else, and told them to testify that there was only one person at the table, and that seems like an awful lot of work to go to, and really unlikely, at present.

And on top of that, who was it that you see for a brief moment as Tres Bien? I could swear I recognize her. The only person who comes to mind right now is Lana Skye, but that's only because of the color and similarity of their clothes. There's no way she doesn't fit in with the case somehow, and what Phoenix said about her having a "dark aura" is rather spooky too.

Feh. I saved and turned my DS off as soon as the court session started, so I'll have something to do when I get home, at least.

Starting at 8 tonight, thanks to Earl phoning yesterday, wanting me to come in for 7. He called back later on, and I told him 8, which he was quite fine with. At least the new schedule will be up. Might as well head in 5 minutes early so I can take a look at it~