November 11th, 2007

Leave it to Josh

During a slow half hour or so at work tonight, he and I were sitting out in the dining room, and out of nowhere, he says "So Teresa's thinking of hooking me up with her sister..."

That's good to hear. It came as a bit of a surprise, but whatever. What came next was completely unwarranted. He told me (once again) that it's time I started looking, to which I just said "Hah". Then he went on to ask me if I was even interested in looking. There's a reason I disposed of that phone number they got from a customer in drive through a long while ago, and also why, whenever they're ogling over some "hot chick" that's at the window, I just continue with whatever I'm doing. I've already gone over the full details in other entries in here, so forget about explaining things again, but it's just... we've been friends since grade 6, Josh. I know for a fact you aren't that oblivious either.

So suffice to say, tonight was fun. Michelle was supposed to close, but had to leave at 10 due to what we'll say are family matters (I forget who exactly, but she said someone "else" had died), leaving us with 4 people, which wasn't all that bad, I guess. Mark also gave his two weeks notice, so he'll be gone soon enough, and as best as I can tell, Steve's next in line to become a manager. Josh was going through the works with him tonight (taking off / changing and counting tills, labor, counts, etc.), but ultimately it's Earl's decision, which is honestly laughable. He's already been given a code to the safe, so it's pretty much a foregone conclusion.

Closers tomorrow are Manoah, Michelle, and me, so I can say just about for certain that I'll be on drive through. Strangely though, Shelia's the only one there in the morning 'till 11. My mind's still made up that if her close goes badly because of it, it's her own fault, because she made the schedule in the first place, but like Josh pointed out earlier tonight, she was also the one who originally had Mark closing by himself on Thursday.

Ugh. At times I wish I could just go there for my scheduled shifts, do my work, and go home. No joking around or talking with anyone unless it was work-related. I don't mind making small talk with someone if we're taking our breaks together or something, but outside of that, no.

Don't particularly feel like writing anything else (it's sort of disturbing, actually - all I feel like doing is going upstairs, doing a bit more on Turnabout Beginnings, and going to bed), so that's it for now.

Two Years...

Today is November 11th, Remembrance Day, yes? Like I was telling Steve last night, one of the things I clearly remember about my first shift was having some time to sit out in the dining room before I started, and hearing the people on the radio ask to have everyone observe a moment of silence. I'm pretty sure the fryer went off during that time, which was funny, but that's beside the point.

I'm just amazed at how quickly they've gone by. It seems like maybe a year has passed. That's it. But then again, I also find it hard to believe today is Sunday (feels more like Monday or Tuesday).

Mario Galaxy comes out this week, so that'll probably be my game for the month (screw Guitar Hero III right now), and I hope to get at least three other things too. That package that I posted the status for a couple entries back (still unchanged to this date), that feather stylus from Nintendo, and maybe that cookbook. The last one's still up in the air though (so to speak). All I've been told is that it would get shipped the Saturday closest to when I sent the money, which was yesterday.

It's going to be declared as a "book", unfortunately (I was hoping for something along the lines of "eBay Item"), but I suppose at worst, I can just tell Mom it's another guide for one of my games. She's asked one single time in these past couple weeks, so I can only assume she's almost forgotten.

Now to see about getting back to Turnabout Beginnings before Adam gets home. I was certain it was the last case until I looked at the back of the game box earlier this morning, and saw something along the lines of "5 electrifying new cases!" I wonder... what could the last one possibly be?