November 14th, 2007

Can't Sleep

Fell asleep around 4, woke back up at ~6, and haven't been able to since. Feh. Got a bit more done on Bridge to the Turnabout (up to cross-examining Bikini's first testimony), but for now, that can wait 'till I get home from work tonight. Closing with Mark and Teresa, which is going to be oh so fun. Mark, maybe, but Teresa, no. All three of us close tomorrow night as well, and I can just imagine the fuss she's going to put up about having to be on drive through two nights in a row.

There was something funny and at the same time sad that happened last night though. When I walked in, Josh and Steve were listening to some hockey game on the radio, and making comments and whatnot all the way along (comments directed at the hockey players :s). That went on for a little while without incident, until something was said about a goal being scored, whereupon Josh thrust his fist into the air, and literally shouted "Yeah baby!" Skip ahead an hour or so, and apparently the other team scored a goal. What does he do? Takes his hat off his head, and throws it on the ground with such force that he sent one of his pins under the ice machine, all while shouting "Dammit!" or something like that. Then he went to the back and changed the station to one that was actually playing music. It was all I could do then to go out in the dining room, where Manoah was cleaning, and tell him that it really was sad.

I mean, I'm not one for talking behind people's backs (at least directly to other people), but it was just pathetic. I didn't want to say anything to Josh directly, for fear of getting yelled at, but seriously. Is it really worth the fuss? You're probably not even going to remember what happened next week, so is it really worth getting so angry about right now? It's one of the reasons I'm glad I never took much of an interest in sports. One less thing to (manically) obsess over.

Oh, and fun little realization regarding my *ahem* "problem" with whoever commissioned that snow leopard fursuit: SPark is not the only one who can make such a thing. Depending on how my tail from Lionel turns out, I could very well decide to go to her whenever I actually want such a thing. Right now, money is my main concern, closely followed by the privacy necessary to have and be able to use it. A tail is fine, as will be footpaws as soon as I get them. A full suit, however, is another story. Still, part of me wants to find that person and say "Of all the animals out there, why did you have to pick this one?", but whatever. I'm not the first, and most certainly won't be the last. I mean, the whole friends thing still has to be solved, but at least one of the big(ger) things is more or less out of the way.

Meh. It's about time I tried to get to sleep again~

Maybe by the End of the Week...

Label/Receipt Number: C--6 9--1 5--U S
Status: Out of Foreign Customs

Your item cleared customs in CANADA at 1:44 PM on November 14, 2007. Information, if available, is updated every evening. Please check again later.

Yay :3 Bank to Paypal transfer also cleared earlier this afternoon, so I sent off the money for that second order. It's nice to have things taken care of.

What's not nice, however, is going (back) to bed while it's still light out, and waking up to complete dark. Top that off with having some extremely annoying dog waking you up with it's barking, and yeah. I appreciate that I shouldn't be asleep at 5 in the afternoon, but still, is a little silence too much to ask?

Nothing too unusual happened at Heart and Stroke, but since last time I was there, they've installed some "Track-It!" piece of software, on the PRISM computer, at very least. If you're going to go to the trouble of installing what I'm assuming is something that allows you to track what users are doing, do make sure to hide the system tray icon. Silly IT people.

Despite that though, I took a screenshot of something Michele had me do, just because it's so nice and wonderful. You can see it here. Note the note, and know that if you ever happen to see or get one of those, I made it :3

It's also Adam's birthday this Thursday. If I'd known sooner, I might've tried to find someplace online to get a copy of some "Bloodrayne" game he's been looking for, but whatever. At best, I might pick him up a points card for his 360. It's just about as bad as giving money, but I can't think of anything else to get him.

But until supper's ready, more (Super) Mario Galaxy. It's been... disorienting, thus far, to say the least, and will likely only get worse (or perhaps better, depending on your point of view).