November 21st, 2007

At Least She Showed Up Tonight

Michelle, I mean. Went out to Real Canadian Superstore after supper so I could grab some stuff (which included another one of those fur throw things :3), and on the way back, spotted her van in the parking lot. The night itself wasn't all that bad, save for right at the very end, where I asked Michelle if we could be closed once we'd taken care of the cars, and the last customer ended up ordering a family pack :s

But yeah. Had planned on going to bed as soon as I got home, but we ended up doing a food swap with Tim Hortons, from which I got a large Café Mocha, which I drank in it's entirety just before getting into Michelle's van for the ride home. It's only 3 though, so I give myself 'till 6. Maybe I'll get a bit farther on Bridge to the Turnabout or something.

Received three emails in the time I was gone at work as well, two of which are to say that the record I bought for Dad's Christmas present has been shipped, and one from Paypal, to say that my transfer had completed. Unfortunately, the blankets I was planning on buying with it have been *ahem* purchased by somebody else, so feh. Depending on how much I have in my bank account this Thursday, I may just transfer $80 to it, so I can actually buy that other item I still have my eye on, then wait a bit and look to see if there are any new auctions for those type of sheets.

Mom said earlier today that she needs to know what I want for my birthday / Christmas, or she's just going to give me the money, but I really don't know right now. All the stuff I think looks interesting is online, but meh. There might be a game or something I can tell her I want. That new Trauma Center one is supposed to be out sometime this week (today, I think), and seeing how I've already bought my game for this month, I could just tell her to get that for my birthday. It'd save me some money, and having to worry about going out and getting it myself...

Anyways, I might as well tidy my room up a bit here, and find something else to do~


I never would've guessed they'd be the "real" murderer either. Good ending, if a bit cheesy, namely for the part where they say "The only person I couldn't trust was myself", and how you can see getting called by your real name coming from a mile away. The picture that was in the talisman was cute though. Just how many times has that urn really been broken? :p

So yeah. Don't particularly want to be up right now, seeing as I didn't get to sleep 'till at least 7, and it was horribly broken up and whatnot anyways (I swear I woke up at one point sweating), but here's hoping I can at least get another hour or so when I get home this afternoon.

The main reason I had such trouble getting to sleep would have to be this though. Namely, my comment and the reply to it. Of course, if you're reading this, kumakehu, you'll already know what I'm talking about, but meh.

First of all, despite my attitude towards them before being along the lines of "They aren't for me", I'm obviously finding myself rethinking that. It's like back when the opportunity for me to go to that furmeet in London came up. There was a point where I was actually trying to find some way to be able to say "I can't / don't want to go and this is why", all in favor of the "I've never been to one yet, and if I don't go to this one, things won't change any" mindset. Looking back now, the one thing I can think of that'd have happened if I hadn't gone was that I wouldn't have spent so much money on tails and other furry stuff (those "throws" for example) by now.

But getting back on topic, that's where the real problem comes in. Assuming nothing could go wrong, and I was guaranteed to have a fun time and everything, how would I get there? I never would've expected squnq to actually come pick me up and drop me back off at home for that furmeet, much less something that literally takes place outside of Canada. I suppose the main explanation for that problem would be that so far, the farthest I've ever gone anywhere would be to Niagara Falls. I don't know where I'd start in order to go somewhere further then that (not necessarily the same direction), and that's precisely where the feelings of "Well, maybe it'd be better if I didn't go at all" come in.

Setting aside that I'd probably be a lot more comfortable starting off at a smaller con, but I cannot for the life of me think of any that go on anywhere near here.

But anyways, the last sentence is something I might take him / you up on, sooner or later. Last time anyone said something like that came from Kari (see the first couple entries I have in here), and although that didn't end entirely badly (if I recall correctly, the only reason I couldn't talk to him anymore was because we lost our internet connection again), it wasn't exactly the best couple months of my life.

I had also planned last night to email John, to let him know that I beat Trials and Tribulations, so he could borrow that if he wanted, and also to ask him if he had any plans for the 13th of next month. I don't know if Josh is going to want to do anything, so asking someone else couldn't hurt.

It's 12:50 though, so I might as well get dressed and leave. I could write more, but as usual, when I really want to write about whatever particular topic, there's always something I have to do first. Blah.

Fearing for the Worst

Mark called around quarter to. 7, that is. Wanted to know if I could come in early. Told him 8, and the call ended shortly after that. What's with this sneaking suspicion that says Michelle called in sick again? She said something about having the flu last night, but even so, why would she be able to work one night, and call in the next? There's no guarantee that she did or anything, but I can't think of any other reason for them wanting me to come in before 9.

As for what I wrote about in my last entry, it's just... I can want to go there for the rest of my life, but the biggest problem with actually going is transportation. Was looking at Anthrocon's site, and the only viable option I can see is going by plane. I can't say I'm terribly excited at the prospect of that, but once again, I've never flown in one at all yet, so uneasiness is to be expected. Oh, how I'd like to have my license. But even having that requires a vehicle to drive. But anyways, assuming that went over alright, where would I go from there? They do list several options for where to go once you've landed, sure, but I'm thinking about what would happen after everything's done and over with.

*sigh* I want to go, and you know what they say ("where there's a will, there's a way", or something like that), but evidently it's not as easy as that.

Enough of this feeling sorry for myself though. It's time to go find out just why they need me in an hour early.