November 23rd, 2007

No More Snow ;_;

At least not for now. Went to bed around 10, while it was still on the ground, and woke up again at 6, to everything just damp and whatnot.

As per usual though, the very day I get paid, I've already spent most of it. This time, it was on these.
website tracking

Buying the fur throw was fun. Went in there planning to just get it, pay, and leave, as opposed to grabbing a couple other things so as to take the focus off of it. Apparently I'm still too worried about what other people might say, which is entirely silly. I think it would be fun to have someone ask "Why are you buying this", and be able to explain to them why. Anyways, the lady at the do-it-yourself checkout next to me (one of the employees) said it looked like it'd be nice to bundle up in and such. Then the lady at the register asked me if it was a present for someone, and all I said was yes. At worst, it's a lie of omission, but then again, they never asked who specifically it was for, so meh.

Also, got to thinking about some things yesterday night, and remembered that I'll be going grocery shopping on my birthday. I am going to wear one of my tails out and around there. Had the second one I got from chesh on last night while I was playing Guitar Hero II, and, in that case, I'd normally be paranoid about Dad coming down and saying something. Not any more. If he happens to say anything at all, I plan on just responding with "I don't have them just for show, you know". Let him worry about it afterwards if he feels so inclined. Some things are better left unsaid right now (hence why I had to leave a certain community a while back (thanks Naomi)), but being a furry is hardly one of them, and I'm really getting tired of hiding it.

But before I head back out into the living room, current progress in Super Mario Sunshine: 96 stars, and I think I'm at the point where I've done more or less all I can until I beat the game, save for a couple Daredevil Comets, but they can wait. Well actually, there's one more thing I have to do first...

Thinking Some More

Look at that. Already 8:30 in the morning and I'm just laying down in bed. Absolutely wonderful. Anyways~

Friends-only, just to be safe.

One of the other things I got to thinking about yesterday morning was the possibility of getting Adam and Naomi something for Christmas too. I mean, at first my reasoning was "Oh they're my brother and sister. They'll understand", but that's now changed to having the same beginning, but ending with "So why shouldn't I get something for them?" Problem is what.

The best thing I can think of for Naomi at present is a gift card for Little Caesars. She gets breadsticks from there frequently enough, so I'm sure she'd make use of it. Sent them an email asking if the remaining balance stayed on the card, because I don't want to give her something that she could very well buy their cheapest item with, get the remainder in cash, and spend it on whatever she wants. If I wanted that, I'd give her cash, but it's not happening.

Adam, on the other hand, I'm still unsure about, but right now I'm thinking Battlestar Galactica DVDs or something. Josh got him into those a while back, and loaned him the ones he'd bought, but there was one disc that wouldn't play, so... Well, that or credits for IMVU. I've ridiculed him several times for spending decent money on nothing more than a 3D chatting program, but I can't think of much else that he'd like. Meh. Next time we get paid will be the first week of December, so I'll have to decide between now and then.

Time for sleep.

And It's 8:30 Again

Some 12 hours. Slept 'till 6, came downstairs, played Super Mario Galaxy, ate supper, and now I'm writing this. Fun :3

Beat the game though, and Adam's been bothering me about it since. If I didn't know any better, I'd swear he was jealous of me having more stars than him. The purple comets are a nice touch as well, but at present, I'd like it better if there was one for every galaxy in the game. In both Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine, you got a star for collecting 100 coins, but they've suddenly done away with that, made the coins purple, and only put them in select levels. Feh.

So as for what I wrote in my previous entry (the friends-only one), I don't think the credits thing is going to go anywhere. He doesn't seem to use the program at all very much anymore, so he probably wouldn't make much use of them. If I knew of another game he was looking for, I could get it for him, but Bloodrayne was about the only one he's said anything about, and it should be here next week anyways. I suppose a trip to Walmart will be in order next time we're out getting groceries. Then again, Real Canadian Superstore does have an electronics section, so I could always look there first.

Have one idea about what I'm going to ask Mom to get me for my birthday though, assuming I don't buy them myself first: a new pair of headphones. Somewhere between going to Heart and Stroke and pulling them out at work in the same day last week, I've lost yet another one of the little covers. I was considering putting an elastic in it's place, but I really don't know how well that'll work. I just want something I can expect to stay in my ears even when I'm moving around, that doesn't have any detachable pieces to lose, and which is small enough to fit in my pocket.

I suppose I should start looking on Staples' site though~