November 28th, 2007

Just Some Things that are Safe to Post Publicly

Bloodrayne came today, and Adam played it for a bit, although it's hard to aim (or something like that) which makes the game less enjoyable. Either way, given that it'll be the second thing that's arrived this week, there's a good chance there might be something tomorrow too. If anything at all, that record, most likely.

Another fun little thing happened because of that though. By the time I got to bed this morning, it was already ~8:30, but I fell asleep, and was woken up by the sound of someone pounding on my door at quarter to one or so. Ignored it at first, then they started again, so I yelled "What?" and had Naomi yell back at me that the wireless internet wasn't working. Told her that I didn't care, then went back to sleep 'till ~3, got up and went downstairs where I grabbed a glass of water, and fixed the problem by simply rebooting the modem. By the time I got back upstairs, my laptop had already detected and reconnected to it.

Concerning gifts though, had one more idea for something to get Adam that, provided I win the auction on eBay, I think he'll like. It's something he hasn't really bothered with for some time, but past circumstances lead me to believe that won't make too much of a difference. Still completely stumped on what to get for Naomi though, save for the one idea I had. I want to get everyone at least two things, and she's the only one that I can't think of a second thing for.

Well, I suppose this shouldn't actually be public, given the above paragraph (I'd like what I'm getting everyone to remain a surprise as far as they're concerned), but meh. As best as I can tell Naomi hasn't looked at it in some time (she probably thinks I've still got the whole thing friends-only), and she's my biggest worry.

But now I'm going upstairs early, because my room is the only private place I have in this house, and I need some time to think. About the gifts thing, sure, but that's not all.

More Interesting Stuff

Just woke up and got out of bed, and when I opened my door, I could hear somebody stomping up the stairs, so I stuck my head around the corner, and was greeted by Naomi saying "You scared me!". Note that she also had a bag of something with her. Went into the bathroom after that, where I started wondering where she'd gotten the money to buy whatever was in the bag, and when I came back out, she says "We got the rest of our money". Money?

Yeah. ~$2,500, apparently. That should put me up to a more respectable amount in my account though, which is good.

But anyways, when I went upstairs last night, I laid down on the floor first, because I knew if I went to the bed I'd fall asleep in no time. It didn't work, really. Maybe it was just because of a change in atmosphere, but down here, I was willing and able to think about "Well, what could've caused these feelings to come up again", but got as far as figuring out how to say what I wanted to in that comment, followed by realizing the middle of the living room downstairs wasn't the best place in the house to be doing such a thing (what would you think if you happened to walk by the door and see me sitting in the chair with a fur throw over my head?), and I've already explained the rest. Blah.

So now I have to say I'm sorry, kumakehu. I want to give it a bit of time first to see if my mood improves as we get closer to Christmas, but if it doesn't, well, I'll probably do what I was planning on last night (that being emailing / otherwise contacting you).

But also last night, I ended up getting up and laying down on my bed, where I fell asleep in no time. Had 3 dreams that I can remember (which is really something, because there hasn't been so much as one in a while), which will be detailed down below:

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I found this site with StumbleUpon the other night though, but all it really does is breaks whatever you type down to individual words, and explains what they mean in terms of dreams. Not quite as lengthly or descriptive as I'd have hoped, but it's a start.

And speaking of going out for supper, we are. It's been quite a while since though, and I haven't had anything else to eat yet today (save for that glass of water), so why not?

Now I See Why we Haven't Gone Out in a While

Yeah, not having the money was certainly part of it, but good God, can Naomi and Adam ever be immature.

They would not stop kicking each other under the table, or grabbing at each other's hands, or other things. Told them to stop a couple times, always getting a response along the lines of "Oh stop yourself." They'd actually started acting up as soon as we were shown to our table, and Adam ended up saying something like "Why don't you just go home?" There were only two things stopping me:

1) I know Mom's trying to do something nice for everyone by taking us out, so to just up and leave would be incredibly rude.
2) I'm not going to let them spoil a rare night going out for supper just because they think they can act the same there as they do at home.
website tracking

But needless to say, it was alright otherwise. Smittys has completely redone the inside part of the restaurant since last time we were there. Much nicer looking, if a bit disorienting. They need to fix their receipt machine / computer though. Not only did it list the time in the 19:00's (7:00, when we'd gone there at 6), but it also listed one of the items we'd ordered as "Topping's". *shrug* Maybe they have someone there named "Topping", who's responsible for part of the food. That's the only logical explanation I come up with, outside of that even computers can't be counted on to have good grammar anymore :p

So now they've dropped me off, meaning that I've actually got about half an hour of peace and quiet before they get back from Walmart and TSC. Yep. They technically don't even *have* their money yet, and they're already spending it. I don't have any plans in particular for mine, at least until I see how much I have in my bank account after I deposit it.

...and yeah. Now I've got a cat laying on my arm, so I'm going to post this before it falls asleep :s
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