December 6th, 2007

Slightly Better

For one thing, I no longer have to work that Tuesday shift, if I don't want to. Earl asked Karen today if she'd close, without even checking the schedule to see if anyone else was found (which is (sadly enough) typical for him), and Josh just never got around to scratching me off yet. He was there 'till 11:30 or so tonight, but he still never got around to it *sigh*

And also, as the above says, he left early, leaving me and Michelle to close by ourselves. We ended up taking everything down at 1:45 (shh), because we'd just gotten several large orders (the last one being over thirty dollars), and really didn't feel like making anything else. And then we managed to get out of there about 20 after, which is good.

Unfortunately, Adam's still up, which is not what I was hoping to have to deal with when I came home, but hopefully he'll go to bed soon. There was a movie I downloaded a while ago that I wanted to watch (hint: it was the word "the" in it), but not with him down here.

But as for my current mood, if there's one thing that can describe how I feel, it's this. Especially the second paragraph under the "Reasons..." heading. Once again, I'm not trying to use it as an excuse, but it's nice to find something that I can read and say "Hey that sounds like me".

I should probably finish up Dad's resume though. He wants it done by this morning, which is actually amusing, because I'm going to be gone to bed long before he gets up, and won't be able to make any changes as a result. Oh well~
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People in this House...

Ange just called, wanting to know if I could come in early. Told her 8, and that was the end of the call. It's just what happened before that.

The phone rang, and Mom brought it out to me (I'm in the living room right now), then just stood there. Told her she could go back to whatever she had been doing, and what does she say? "I want to make sure you answer them." Yeah, right. It's called eavesdropping, plain and simple.

Anyways, found this (again) while using StumbleUpon earlier. Absolutely awesome :3 The part where he puts the pan into the "oven" is my favorite.

So as for tonight, Michelle and I to close (yet again) with Karen there 'till 3, and Jake 'till midnight (assuming he shows up). I could've been sure he worked his last shift a couple days ago, but I guess not.

Also: one week~

I should probably go get my uniform on though...