December 10th, 2007

Interesting Close

For all the whining and complaining everyone does about Earl, tonight went incredibly well. I went in there expecting to not be allowed to do anything that we usually do, but it started with me asking him if the fry dump could be done. After that, I grabbed two pans and bagged them for the pizza sauce and veggies, and what does he say when I bring them up on line? Just bag it all right now.

We also closed at 10 to, and sat down in the dining room for our full half hour break. Oh, and Karen went home at 12 too because we couldn't keep her. We only made something like $20 in between 11 and 12 :s

But yeah. For right now, I plan on going upstairs, and being in bed with everything off by four, because I want to be up at 1 to go get my hair cut. Might stop by Tim Hortons afterwards to see what they have in terms of gift certificates (I think they might've replaced them with that "Tim Card" thing), then come back home, and sleep some more (possibly after having a quick shower).

If things go as I hope right now, I should have all my Christmas shopping done by the end of the week. Not quite last-minute, but close enough :p Adam most likely won't be getting his gift 'till after Christmas, but that can't be helped now :\

Anyways, might as well get upstairs. I was hoping to play Twilight Princess some more (I started into the Wii version again yesterday night), but that can wait a bit longer~

Why is this Taking So Long?

That bank -> Paypal transfer was supposed to have cleared today, so I could pay for Adam's gift. It's now 6:20 in the evening (and in comparison, the last one I got from them was sent at 10 in the morning), and there's still nothing. I don't want to keep them waiting any longer than they already have, lest they just decide to relist the item or something :s

But on the amusing side of that sort of thing too, there's an item that ends around 7:30 tonight that I plan on bidding on. Yesterday, it was at 4 bids. Suddenly, it's rocketed up to 11. Dear bidders: in order to maintain the element of surprise, don't just up and bid on something if it ends the same day you find it. Wait 'till just before it ends.

Well... actually... please do. I don't trust any of those bid-sniping programs with my username and password, but I still think waiting 'till the last minute is an excellent idea :3

But anyways, never got a haircut after all. I woke up at 12 just fine, but did not feel like getting out of bed at all, so feh. Sent an email to Michele earlier to tell her I'd be a bit later than normal, so I'll just go then.

There's still a full hour to go though, so I'm going back to Twilight Princess. Wolf Link = <3