December 11th, 2007

Cutting it Close

The item I talked about in my previous entry. Before I left for work, I bid $60, and was told that I had the current highest bid, and to consider raising it, blah blah blah. As soon as I got home, I opened my laptop, waited for it to come out of standby, and saw that I had a new email from eBay. "Congratulations! You've won...!" Final price? $57.05, USD :s Although the seller lives in Canada (technically), so if it weren't for Christmas coming up, it might've actually gotten here a bit faster. Oh well~

So... work. Was dead, for the most part. One of the first things Josh said to me when I got there was something about looking for the GBA version of Deal or no Deal, and possibly putting it on my PSP, but the closest I've been able to find is a site that's been given a DMCA notice, and thus no longer has any ROMs :\ Feh. I don't plan on downloading the PC version either. He can do that himself.

Then we went out to Walmart, because Josh was absolutely certain they'd have it (the game) in their bargain bin, when in fact they didn't have so much as one box with "GBA" on it :p Steve saw a hat he liked though, that was tagged as $12, so he brought it up to the checkout (apparently it was going to be a Christmas present for his Dad), and only ended up having to pay $1.14 for it.

And yeah. Still no email from Paypal to say "Your transfer is complete" which is just annoying. I looked at the list of Canadian holidays, and there is nothing at all in between Remembrance Day and Christmas, so I don't understand this delay. Tomorrow, perhaps...

Otherwise, I have absolutely nothing going on tomorrow (save for possibly going to Tim Hortons to get gift certificates), so I'm going to take advantage of it. For now, playing Twilight Princess and or the demo of Aquaria (see here). Fun :3

Does Nobody Listen Anymore?

I swear. I just asked Dad three times if we could go to Staples when he got back from dropping Adam off at work, and what does he say after he gets his coat on? "Are you coming?" Seriously. Listen. I don't talk all that much, so when I do, there's usually a reason for it.

Of course, they're both in a hurry because Adam's too dependent on Dad to get him up in the morning (as in he doesn't so much set the alarm on his DS), and Dad never got up period, and yeah. Fun stuff.

Mainly want to head out there to get a wireless mouse, given that something's happened to my wired one to cause it to not work anymore, even after several reboots, and I'll probably also pick up those Kit-Kat bars for Mom. Rethinking Naomi's gift too. I read an article a little while ago that said giving gift cards was bad, because it was as if you were saying you knew how to manage the recipient's money better than they did. In Naomi's case though, that very well may be. She's easily spent at least $500 since we got our money.

So instead, I'm just thinking a gift card for Little Caesars for $30 (because I know she'll make use of that), plus $50 in cash. It seems like there's no point to that, but only from the angle that we got our money only recently, and she should still have at least half of it left.

Anyways, if I am going to get out there before I go to bed, I might as well head upstairs and get a shirt on.

Two Things

1) Windows XP SP3 (*official*). Downloading it now, so I really ought to back up everything important sometime soon. The only problem? It's a direct HTTP download. Doesn't exactly seem like the preferred type of distribution for such a thing.

I was also giving consideration to repartitioning and giving Ubuntu a try yesterday night. I mean, Windows is fine and all, and I like it (to an extent), but it's just getting old. Need something new :p

2) Card addressing (mainly directed at kumakehu)...

If you think you can get away with just putting "Karadur" on it, that'd be rather nifty :3 I know the tail I got from Rensis a while back had the return address, well, addressed simply to "Rensis", so it seems that it'd be possible. If not, just let me know, and I'll email you my real name, because I am quite loathe to reveal it in here (even though I technically have once before) :x

Actually, third thing too.

Still no email from Paypal. I originally told the seller that if it hadn't cleared by the end of the week, I'd send him an eCheck, but screw that. If it hasn't cleared by the time I get home from Heart and Stroke tomorrow instead. There's still an even longer wait involved, sure, but I at least want to know that I've more or less taken care of my end of the deal :\

... and (one last) tidbit involving work. If Josh, Josh C., Steve, and the other regular closers have their way, Karen is going to be either gone, or off closes permanently by the end of the week. Namely, they're tired of her attitude. Oh, and something about how Josh was making a joke at the drive through window the other night about selling drugs, and she actually took it quite seriously and in fact told Earl. The good thing about that was that Josh had gotten to him first, and explained things.

Honestly though, next time I see her, I'm going to say one thing: lighten up. Nobody likes working nights (most of the time, at least), so a little bit of fun (and possibly levity) makes the night go by faster. So they have a bunch of stuff planned to "get back" at her tonight, and the coming closes too. Sure, I agree with them partially, but as best as I can tell, they haven't even told her to stop yet...

I do believe that's it for now though :3

I Suppose Things Still Worked Out...

Keeping with the whole idea of trying to finish up my Christmas shopping this week, I went to Tim Hortons about half an hour ago. Well, technically got a ride, because Dad had to be picked up anyways. It was the one out on St. Clair Street, just to be specific. Asked the lady there if they still had gift certificates, and she said yes, so I asked for $20 worth, but she didn't have enough, so I just bought ten, and told her I'd probably be back tomorrow.

Then I figured that we could always stop by the other one (which is across the street from the police station) where I asked the same thing. What did they tell me? "Oh we don't have them anymore. They're switching us all over to the Tim Cards." I suppose I could've told her that I just bought some at another store, but I didn't feel like making a fuss. There's always tomorrow :p


Impatience prevails once again. Paid for Adam's gift with an eCheck earlier on tonight. It's supposed to be clearing on the 19th (and god help it if it doesn't), so it's nice to have that more or less taken care of.

But given that I did that, it left me with exactly $84.77 in my Paypal account, unused. I do (did) indeed have another item to pay for though :3


Would you look at that. Just switched over to the tab I have GMail loaded in, and I've received a new email from Paypal. Yep. You guessed it. "Bank Account Transfer Complete". Heh. You're just a little bit late there, folks.

And just before I go back to Twilight Princess, Karen, and how she's currently viewed by the closers. In Josh's own words, if she crosses him one more time, she's gone. Fired. I don't understand how he can possibly have the power to fire someone if he can't hire new employees, but it's not my problem, I guess, and she hasn't been there for three months yet.

Anyways, I'm giving myself 'till 3 tonight. Michele's already been warned that I'll probably be in later than normal tomorrow, and aside from that, just getting up in time is about my only concern. Meh.
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